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Esther Corrello, Judy Vermillion are back

Hello out there to all you senior citizens. Hope all are well and happy.

It has been a sad week at our center the past week. One of our good seniors, Kathy Palumbo, lost her son Glenn Palumbo, then her and our good friend John Duty died. So you see why we are sad.

Esther Corrello is back home and back at the center. Glad you are with us again, Esther.

Judy Vermillion is back home from Chicago and Peoria. She said Chicago was good, Peoria was great, but home was better.

Betty Pike has been playing the Wii game against Jim Craft and James Hall. Guess who won. Yep! Betty. That’s the way to go, Betty. Show them who’s the best.

Where is Ralph Hall? Is he hiding again or has he left the country? Come on, Lennon, help us find him.

Thursday evening, we went to Southeast Community College for the Letcher County Prevention Project. We heard some good speakers about drug abuse. Eugene Meade gave a wonderful talk. Also, Connie Smith, Steve Cambron and Patrick Rupinen told us about the grants our county received. There are 12 advisory council members and our own Sheriff Danny Webb is one of them.

Melissa Sturgill was presented with a beautiful plaque. Jeff Adams and son Jack Adams entertained us by playing the bass fiddle, played by Jeff , and the banjo was played by Jack. They really did great. We had 18 from the Ermine Center to go, plus our site manager Debbie Slone.

Debbie drove the bus. She is so wonderful and good to us. We really do appreciate her.

The project furnished our supper for us. It was catered from Lee’s and the food was delicious. We all enjoyed going and had a good time.

Patty Majority and I had dinner with Patty’s son Mike Majority. He came in from North Carolina for John’s funeral as they were great friends. Mike is retired from the Air Force and is now working for the government.

Friday, June 25, all the senior citizens center will be going to Colson for a Fourth of July big blowout. Will write about it in next week’s news. See you all there.

God bless until next time.

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