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Ethan Isaacs baptized in Richmond

How about the Wildcats! If I survive the next game it will be a miracle. Clester had to leave the room when they were playing Ohio State. He was a nervous wreck. We do take it seriously, don’t we? Best of luck to the Cats in the Final Four.

I was in Richmond last week with my children and grands and what an enjoyable time. My grandson Ethan Isaacs was baptized on Sunday at Three Forks Baptist Church. Randy and Jennifer hosted a luncheon after the service. She is a good cook and all 29 ate hardy.

Ethan turned 8 on that day, so he had a big birthday cookie. It was good seeing so many people there that I hadn’t seen for awhile. Tommy and Billie Stansberry, and Melissa and Sierra Everidge were also there.

Jean Cook, Mary Gilliam, Mike, Kristi, Jason and Gabriel were in Louisville this weekend. They visited the Science Center and really enjoyed the Star Trek Tribute. Jean and Mike love Star Trek.

Visiting in Letcher County from Shoals, Ind. were Jimmy and Brenda Sergent, Amber Bessey, Matthew Newkirk and Destiny Lilly. They have so many relatives here and I know they tried to visit as many as possible. I met them at Maxine Quillen’s, and had a nice time talking about family. Jimmy and my brother-inlaw Duke Lucas are double cousins.

Last Thursday after jury duty, I stopped by the library for some books and met two very nice Webb cousins from Mansfield, Oh., Patsy Ferrell and her sister Pam. They had been to the Webb Cemetery. They are searching for any information on their grandmother, Sarah Mattie Webb. Mattie was the daughter of Archie Webb Jr. and Nancy Craft Webb.

Mattie had a sister, Ellen Webb, who married Robert Polly. Mattie had a daughter, Betty Jane Webb, who married Patrick Ringley. We would appreciate any help on this family.

There was a memorial service for Lady Meade Bates at the Deane Baptist Church on Saturday. Lady was sister-in-law to Lena Parsons and Annette Isaacs, and the widow of Elmer Bates. Lady was so loved by Elmer’s family.

T.J. and Lena Parsons were baptized Sunday at Millstone Church. What a blessed event! Colson

Maxine Quillen is now a member of the Whitesburg Lions Club and will be hard at work to help with all its projects.

Cheyenne Jent, Greg Mc- Fall and Waylon Mink will be practicing their music at the church on Campbranch. Cheyenne plays drums, Greg the acoustic guitar and Waylon the guitar. Good luck you guys.

I talked to Patty Brashears this week. She has had a successful hip replacement and says she had no pain. That is great. I am so glad she is doing well. She had been in Lexington and visited with Annette Castle and other family.

Jessie Quillen, the son of Jack and Krystal Quillen, played his first game in basketball Saturday for Martha Jane Potter. He is so excited. Mamma Maxine went to cheer for him and his team.

Birthday wishes to Mike Gilliam, Ethan Isaacs, Rylee Holbrook and Doug Yonts.

Our prayer list for this week is Ancil and Theresa Trivette, Charles Jones, Kenny Combs, Lucky Dennis Sturgill, Geneva Akemon, Hargis Ison, Clayton Caudill and my nephew Keith Baker. May God bless each of you who is suffering.

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