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Eugene Day celebrating 83rd birthday

Big Cowan

On April 29, Eugene Day will be 83 years old. He does well for his age. Have a good one!

Anna Lou (Maggard) Combs and Mary Lou Turner are both out of the hospital but still need our prayers.

Michael Rayburn is out of the hospital. Remember him in your prayers.

My brother-in-law, Eddie Wolfe, spent his 31st wedding anniversary in the hospital. He has an infection in his left arm again. Keep him and Kathy in your prayers.

Wayne and Missy Fields went to Pikeville to an Alan Jackson concert. Wayne turned 44 years old on April 17.

My brother, Archie, and sister-in-law Margaret brought me some dryland fish. It was already fried and ready to eat and, boy, was it good. Thanks.

Emma Adams went to Kingsport, Tenn., to visit Chris while George Alan was in Owen County hunting. Chris will be going to Rome, Italy in about a week. He is going over there with some of his students — must be nice! Hopefully no earthquakes. Be careful!

Melinda “Kay-Kay” Daniel went to Pikeville to have tests run last week. Pray that they turn out OK.

Courtland DeEric Gales turned three years old on April 21. He lives in California with his mother, Erica Demery. He is the grandson of Pam Fields of Indiana and Charles Demery of Arkansas, and the great-grandson of Archie and Margaret Fields of Cowan and Lucille Collins of Indiana. He is also the grandson of Smoothy Gales of Jenkins.

Hopefully Erica will bring him for a visit this summer. I haven’t seen him since he was a year old. He is adorable.

Paige Brown has a very bad cough and had to miss school. Hopefully she is feeling better. I have had it for two months and can’t seem to get rid of it.

A big hello to Shelby and Bobby Bockover, Bill and Agnes Maggard and daughter Anna, Arthur Pendleton, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Virginia Ann and Burdene Gilley and all my other friends, family, and faithful readers in Indiana, and to Marie Johnson Boyd of Dante, Va.

My cat had six kittens on April 24 and Paige Brown’s cat had four solid black kittens. I have already had people to ask for three of them. They are so cute!

Stanley Pack is starting to rebuild his home. May God bless you, Stan, and if people would help you build instead of spending their time talking about you, then you could get it built faster. (Speaking in regard to your comment in Speak Your Piece.)

The lilac, dogwood and redbud trees and apple blossoms have really been in full bloom and beautiful. God created so much for us to enjoy and I wonder how many times we stop and give Him thanks. He gives us the air we breathe, eyes to see, a nose to smell, and hands to touch. He gives us everything we need and what do we give Him? Think about it.

Nancy Wilson and daughter from North Carolina were in on Saturday to visit Irene and Eugene Day. They went to Pine Mountain Grill to eat then dropped Irene off and then left. Irene was really glad to see them. She and Nancy have been friends for years. Nancy and her husband, Dr. John Wilson, used to live in Dinah Blair Hollow.

Irene used to travel a lot with Nancy years ago and saw lots of places.

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