Whitesburg KY

Eugene Day home from hospital

Hey everyone! Hope all are feeling well.

My uncle, Eugene Day, is home from the hospital. Melinda “Kay-Kay” Daniel is still in the hospital. They both still need prayer.

Eugene will be 89 years old on April 29; Atha Fields has a birthday on April 28; Matthew Eldridge also has a birthday on April 28. May all of you have a blessed day.

In memory this week: Inez Reed Tate died two years ago on April 26; my sister-in-law Dana Fields Brown died two years ago on April 30. May God be with their families as they approach those days. Still missed but not forgotten.

Serena and Charlie Smith said to tell everyone hello.

Big Cowan

Two mistakes were made in last week’s paper: Kathy and Eddie Wolfe were married 37 years, not 67 years on April 22; and Charles and Shirley Day had an anniversary on April 18.

Sorry about that. I know Kathy and Eddie look older than me, but they’re not that old. Ha! Ha!

Sue and Glenn Banks of Little Cowan are doing fair. Remember Tegan Shepherd and Makinly Hope Bunch in prayer. Two darling babies who need a touch from the Lord for healing, also their parents.

Real good Sunday morning service at King’s Chapel Church. Message was on seedtime and harvest.

My neighbor/cousin just got his home redone with new windows and siding. Looks really good. Bobby Conn and Donna Fields.

I wish I had the money to re-do my old house. Looking kind of shabby, but still I can call it home.

I never made it to Hillbilly Days at Pikeville. Looks like everyone who went had fun. Maybe I will get there next year.

My youngest granddaughter went to the North Decatur Prom in Greensburg, Ind. She looked beautiful from the pictures I saw of her.

Nana loves you, Michaela Dawn Fields. Cannot believe you are 17. Making me feel old.

Lorraine Stewart left us on Cowan and went to Whitesburg to live, so we have new neighbors, John Hopkins and his wife. Welcome to Cowan.

Also some new neighbors are putting a doublewide across from Cowan Chapel.

Also welcome to you and to whomever moved into the house beside Alice Tolliver’s old place. Hope all of you enjoy.

I met a real good friend on Facebook who has roots in Campbell’s Branch and is looking to moving to the mountains in the near future. My mom always called this God’s Country. It is a beautiful place to retire and settle down. This is the place.

Well, I heard that Elmo Day is still in bad health. Keep him in prayer. Our older people are the backbone for Cowan, and we really do not want to lose any more.

My cousin Emily and her husband, Paul Jones, went to Aruba for their 25th anniversary and had lots of fun. They are back home in Greensburg, Ind. She is a daughter of Agnes and the late Bill Maggard, Sr. of Columbus, Ind.

Well folks, got to go, it’s time for evening church. Have a great week and may God bless.

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