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Eugene Day marking 86th birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hope all had a great week. Had some hot and cool weather this past week, and are never sure whether to have the heat on or the air conditioner.

Oh well, we take the good with the bad.

Amber Trent’s brother, Willie Hampton, has a birthday April 27. Happy birthday!

Eugene Day will be 86 on April 29. We want to wish him a very healthy, happy birthday, and say we all love him very much. He and Irene are the pillars of Cowan as far as I am concerned.

Linda (Herb) Fields has a birthday May 2. Hope she enjoys her day and has a happy birthday with her family.

My sister Kathy and Eddie Wolfe were married 34 years, April 22. They have a son, Thomas Wolfe, who lives at Hindman. Hopefully they will have many more years together.

She used to write for The Mountain Eagle. She gave it up for health reasons. I am sure many people miss her. She is doing some better.

Hazel Rayburn called Archie the other day. They had a real good conversation talking about the old days and hard times.

Becky Collins put the sign back up at the Obie Fields Cemetery. It had blown down awhile back when the wind was really strong. He said thanks, Becky, he appreciates it.

Kathy, Eddie, James and myself all went to Neon last week to visit with Easter Huff and her son, Roy. Also her son Maynard was there. We had a good visit and looked at old pictures (which I truly love to do). She is in fair health; keep her in prayer.

I saw a picture of her mother Emily Dixon when she was a young lady. She was a very pretty lady. Would love to make a copy of it.

Really enjoyed reading the article about Mrs. Ella Preston in the paper last week. Looking forward to finish reading it. She was my first- and second-grade teacher and my role model. So many of the things she learned in school she passed on to us.

Still love you, Miss Preston, as the kids from Big Cowan always called you, and hoping you are doing well. Archie, Kathy and myself always liked her.

Jessie Faye Fields Combs was in the hospital having tests run. Hopefully everything turns out okay.

Sorry to hear that Arnie Hall of Thornton died. She had been sick for some time. Her late husband Ray Hall used to be pastor at the Whitco Freewill Baptist Church, and members seemed to like both of them real well. She has finally made her journey home. Our sympathy goes to her family and friends.

Uncle Isom Fields called from Morristown, Tenn., to check on everyone. I wasn’t home, but we are all surviving.

Audrey Hammonds called. She is doing some better. She and Charles still need prayer. Also, Bill and Agnes Maggard still need our prayers.

Hope all my friends, neighbors and all those who are far off, including relatives, are all doing well.

Until next time, take care. God loves you and I do, too. Pray for someone.

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