Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Eugene Day mending in the Hazard hospital

We had a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining and it was just a little bit cool. Spring is just around the corner and I think we are all ready for it.

My uncle, Eugene Day, is in Hazard Hospital. He had chest pain. He was transferred to Hazard from Whitesburg. He had a heart cath and a stent put in. Hopefully he is on the mend and might get to come home soon.

Stacy Dobson’s dad died in Columbus, Ind. Keep her family in your prayers.

Several birthdays this month: Audrey Maggard Hammons, Archie Joe Maggard, March 1; Bill Maggard Sr., March 3; Michaela Dawn Fields, March 9, 13 years old and a granddaughter of Christine and James Fields (another teenager — wow!); Jamie Maggard, March 9; Kayley Maggard, March 14, 12 years old; Jim Bo Ison, March 23; Rick Polly, March 26; and Herb Fields, March 27.

I want to wish all of them a very happy birthday, and hope they enjoy their day. If they are like me — another day older and deeper in debt.

Jesse Fay Fields Combs has been in the hospital, also Anna Lou Maggard Comb and Allen Pack. Keep them in your prayers as well as Irene and Eugene Day, Mary Lou Fields, Hazel Rayburn, Michael Rayburn, Mary Ann Maggard,

Barbara Ann Boggs, Coleman Day, Della and Morris Maggard, Wayne Fields, Arie Boggs, Rueben and Odessa Lewis, Louse Day Sturgill, Lee Sturgill, Ella King, Tommy Day, Lori Jeanne Sturgill Alejandro, Bill and Agnes Maggard, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Tim Amburgey, Arlene and Marvin Taylor, and Judy Fields, all those who have been sick with the flu, those enslaved by drugs and alcohol, the homeless and the shut-ins.

Late birthday wishes to Kim Campbell and Jeannie Mullins Adams. I hope both of you had a good day. Big Cowan

Sorry to hear that Karen Morgan died, and also Bobby Bates’s sister, not sure of her name. Our sympathy goes out to both families and you’re in our prayers.

I just heard that Wayne and Tammy Turner are going to be grandparents again. Their son Chris and his wife are expecting their first child. Congratulations to all.

My friend (formerly of Greensburg, Ind.), who lives in Arizona, said that the high deserts of Arizona have over a foot of snow. He said they welcome snow anytime because it gives the ground moisture. I told him to enjoy because we have had plenty.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to like my article in The Mountain Eagle, and have asked me to continue. It is because of the readers like you that I continue to do so, and also because I enjoy it, as well as other writers who continue to keep former Letcher Countians informed.

Well, I need to stop and turn the news in. Be good to one another and attend the church of your choice.

Until next time, may God bless you.

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