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Eunice Bates was a special teacher

Here we go again with memories and times and events of long ago.

I realize we can’t go back in time and relive the good times we had and omit the bad times, but we do have our memories. They are ours to keep and cherish.

But on the other hand, I believe in writing the facts as I see them and not beat around the bush, so to speak, even if I step on a few sore toes along the way.

I wish to state that what I write is not necessarily the opinion of the editor of The Mountain Eagle or any other paper.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. I love to go quite a way back, back to when I was a towhead growing up. Back to the days of the oneroom schoolhouse. I did not have a happy childhood at home, but the time I spent in the little, one-room school were the happiest days of this old man’s life.

The teachers were strict and dedicated. They had to be in order to teach all eight grades. She is gone now, as are all the others, but my pick of the teachers I had when I was at this little oneroom school would have to be Eunice ‘Poss’ Bates.

She would go out of her way to help any student having difficulty in any class on any subject, and she would do extra work to make a dull class interesting.

There were times when a little one- on- one was needed, and she always found the time to do it even though it meant more work for her.

But as I stated before, back then the teachers were a sight more dedicated than they are today, and today the classes are so large there is very little, if any, time for any one-on-one.

I imagine a lot of times Mrs. Bates felt like pulling her hair out, but she had the patience of Job. (More later.)

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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