Whitesburg KY

Eva Sergent attends Brad Bentley’s 92nd birthday party


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I hope all the sick are feeling better. The weather has been interesting for the past week, cold mornings and nights.

Louise Shepherd and I went to Jenkins Park to hear our nephew, Bro. Caleb Howard, preach on Saturday evening. We used our air conditioner going up there and our heater coming back. We enjoyed ourselves. Bro. Caleb preached outstanding on Revelations Chapter 1. But we got so cold, we really appreciated the cover my used-to-be-neighbor, Donna Maggard, brought over to us. It was good seeing her and her husband, Adrian. They were such good neighbors and their cute little boys, Mike and Scott. Last week was a good week.

I enjoyed breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill on Saturday with my good friend, Eva Sergent of Lexington, and her two nieces, Shirley and Charlene. Eva was going to the birthday celebration of Brad Bentley. Late happy 92rd birthday, Brad! Eva got to see his son, Ron Bentley, at the Grill and some other people she knows.

It was good seeing some of the late Archie Sexton’s family there, Rose Breeding, Mary Pugh, and Gary Bennett and his wife. I went over and talked them to death almost, but they are also good talkers and we all enjoyed it.

Then I ran into Steve Adams (the quiet man) and his wife. I asked him who was the pretty lady in the picture with him in last week’s Eagle. Of course it was his wife. They will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at Stuart Robinson School. Happy anniversary to you both!

Louise Shepherd and daughter, Carol Day, and Brenda and Charles Howard were here also, and Ralph Hall and so many others. I think I talked to about everyone there. Anna Goins was there looking pretty as usual. When I got home, it was 12 o’clock. I should have just had lunch, but I really enjoyed seeing everyone.

I went to the Ermine Center on Friday and enjoyed seeing everyone up there. I guess you can tell I’m a people person. I love being with people.

It was good seeing Willa Mae Boggs at Carr Creek Lake recently. I hadn’t seen her in such a long time. I remembered her from Graveyard Hollow days. Seems almost like another lifetime ago. You just don’t forget good friends.

I met Clyde’s roommate’s niece, Sue Salem, on Friday at the Veterans Center. Her uncle is Ray Sizemore of Lotts Creek. Sue had been living in Tiffin, Ohio, before she moved back to Lotts Creek to be close to her uncle. He was never married and has no family. She mentioned lots of folks from Tiffin, Flossie and Dewey Landrum and their family, Emma Pat Merrill, Nig Hatton and Sonny Hatton. I know lots of you people in Tiffin get the Eagle. I hear from some of you from time to time. She brought pictures and showed them to Clyde. They were all his kinfolk. I didn’t get to see them. It really is a small world, isn’t it? Maybe she will bring the pictures back again.

We had a pretty baptism at Fishpond Lake on Sunday, Samantha Lucas, daughter of Melinda and James Lucas and granddaughter of my good friend, Pat Branham. A large crowd attended and Bob Howard and son Caleb and Josh Sturgill and others did some beautiful singing. It’s good to see a young person change their life before they get old enough to get mixed up in other things and ruin their lives. She attends Sunday School and church regularly. We are all proud of her.

It’s getting close to time for our Howard reunion at Fishpond Lake. It’s Sept. 29 at the end of Mountain Heritage. Get busy, you Howards!

I have started back walking a little again. I’ll have to work it back up. I only walk five or six laps around the track. I used to walk 10, but I am a little older now and it’s kinda hard to admit the “old gray mare ain’t what it used to be.”

I just heard Anna Lou Combs of Cowan, is in Whitesburg Hospital. I hope it’s nothing serious. Remember her in your prayers.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Linda Ison, who was fatally injured in a car accident. I haven’t heard how the other ones in the accident are. I hope they will be OK.

May God bless you. May the sick all get better. Try to go to church somewhere this week.

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