Whitesburg KY

Every day is a lazy day


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

It’s been rainy and cold! That means lazy days for me. I think about every day is a lazy day for me.

I look around every day and see what I can get by without doing and I can find a lot. It’s hard for me to get in a working mood. Is there a reason? Does it mean I’m getting old? I hope not.

First off, I need to cover a mistake I made in last week’s news. I said my great-granddaughter Brooke Hatton was in a contest of 60 contestants. It was 600; I left off a zero, and she lost by one point and came in second place.

It was about coal. I’m even more proud than I was last week. Her song, ‘Coal Miner’s Candy’ was great. I’ve been playing it for everyone. She wrote the song and sang it.

Our revival at church ended last Friday night. It was great with a full house every night and great singing and preaching.

I went to the funeral of my neighbor, Ida Mae Halcomb. It was good to see all of her family, especially Johnny Ed Halcomb and his wife. He used to be my neighbor and he reads my news every week. I think he lives in Ohio.

Bill King is still a very sick man and he needs everyone’s prayers, and also Aggie Hatton.

I called my cousin, Brenda Howard in Garrett, Ind., recently. She and her husband Dexter are in poor health and needing prayer.

My cousin Tony Howard’s son, Anthony Willard Howard Jr., was married April 21 to Tiffany Nicole Hurst in Nicholasville. He is the son of Tony Howard and Gina Howard and Pina and Chris Gibson, and the bride’s parents are Michael and Katherine Hurst.

I didn’t go, but maybe they will send me a picture. Tony’s parents, Hubert and Joyce Howard, attended.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Ruth Brown Caudill. I’ve known her and her husband, Charles a long time. She used to go to the hospital and sing for the patients. I thought that was nice.

All the Howard family are pleased that our nephew Bro. Caleb Howard and Erica and their kids are back here now. We have missed them. I know the church they attended was sad to see them go. They love being here with their families.

We are glad that Jennifer Absher is doing well after her surgery. We sure miss her at church.

We heard that Eddie Sturgill, a son of Betty and the late Raymond Sturgill, had a bad motorcycle wreck in Florida. I hope he will be all right, and remember him in prayer.

I hope Rose Ballard and Emma Lou Engle are doing okay. I hope that this cold spell we are having doesn’t hurt the gardens that were put out early.

I talked to my sons Rob and Astor, and they were all doing okay and bragging on their grandchildren. That’s what we grandparents do.

I was sorry to hear of the mine layoffs. I hope they can all get called back. I am a big lover of the coal business. My dad raised 14 children on coal, and my husband worked all of his life in the coal mines to raise our four kids. Coal is so important to our region, and we always depended on it.

I enjoyed talking to Linda Pennington Hall and to my three sisters, Louise, Kat and Betty. We talk every day and we try to keep each other in line.

There hasn’t been much going on around here, or I haven’t heard about it.

May God bless all of you. Hello, Anna Watkins, Ada King, Bertha Dye and all my misplaced friends, and Elzie Ray and Irene Hatton.

Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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