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Every day should be Thanksgiving Day


Hello, everyone. Hope things are going well for all of you. I thought I’d get my news in while I’m still young. I’ll be a year older when I write next week. No sympathy cards, please! It’s been a good life.

This was a good week for me. I got a surprise visit from my good friends, Roberta Willie and her husband, Robert. I just can’t trust that Roberta anymore. She’ll call on the phone and then knock on your door in a few minutes. She has sure seen me at my worst – in nightclothes, my hair not combed – but we love it! It sure was good seeing them. We had a real good visit and a good lunch at Pine Mountain Grill.

I enjoyed a call from another good “old Marlowe” friend, Ada (Miller) King in Miamisburg, Ohio. We graduated from eighth grade at Marlowe School together. There were four of us, Ada, Wid Page, Barney Sizemore and me. Wid and Barney are deceased now. I wish now we had all got together for a little reunion.

Ada told me her sister-in-law, Barbara “Wimpy” (King) Thomas, is in very poor health and needs everyone’s prayers. Her husband is Gay Thomas, son of the late Mattie and Jack Thomas, who lived here a long time ago. Mattie was my husband, Clyde’s, cousin.

I hope everyone will have a great Thanksgiving Day and try not to overeat! I think every day should be Thanksgiving. We take so much for granted and probably are not thankful enough. We are so blessed.

Our weather sure has changed a lot. It’s beginning to feel like winter, but we have some beautiful sun coming over the mountains. Our mountains are beautiful now, even though a lot of the leave have blown off. I love the beautiful fall colors.

I had some company Sunday, Astor and Rosemary Hatton. They went to the Veterans Center in Hazard to visit Clyde and then came to visit me.

Shirley Breeding and I will be going down today (Wednesday) and then we’ll go down for their Thanksgiving dinner and eat with our husbands. I hope the weather stays good.

Bro. John Conn said his sister, Betty Sturgill, in the Hazard hospital had a good day.

I really appreciate our church me, Bro. John Conn, Billy Conn, Eugene Noe and Levine Fields, going down and having prayer with Clyde. Some of the residents down there never have a visitor. They also visited Bro. Bob Gross of Hazard. He was glad to see them. That is a sad place down there, but they get good care and the people are real nice and friendly.

I missed a call from my good friend, Anna Watkins in Florida. I’ll call her back. It is so good hearing from our old Marlowe friends. We still mss them and think about them often.

Sometimes I go out to where Marlowe used to be and picture where their homes used to be and I try to picture them all there. Many of them are no longer with us except in our memories. I sure have lots of them and they are all good memories. There were probably some bad ones, but I can’t seem to remember them. I know there were hard times when we had to help each other, but we didn’t mind that. That’s what friends are for. I think that draws people closer.

Sandra and Billy Hatton had a big birthday dinner for their son, Jump, who is in medical school at Pikeville and is doing well.

My friend, Maudella Fugate of Chavies, will be having a birthday Nov. 27. Happy birthday, Maud! I’m sorry I missed you when you came to see me. I was at Letcher Manor Nursing Home with Clyde and I was having physical therapy on my arm after a stroke I had recently. I’m doing fine now. I would have loved seeing you. I hope you and your family are doing well.

My grandson, Jamie Hatton, will be having a birthday on Nov. 29. Seems like they don’t come as fast when you’re young.

I heard the benefit dinner at Cram Creek Church went really well. I’m glad. I’m sure the family appreciated it. It was a nice thing to do, helping people when they need help.

May God bless all of you and be careful on the road if you are traveling for the holidays. Try to be in church somewhere and thanking God for all His blessings on you.

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