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Everything is looking pretty and green


REUNION — (Left to right) Jenetta Howard, wife of the late Eddie Howard; Tabatha (Hatton) Spencer; and Louise (Howard) Spencer are pictured at the 2008 Howard family reunion.

REUNION — (Left to right) Jenetta Howard, wife of the late Eddie Howard; Tabatha (Hatton) Spencer; and Louise (Howard) Spencer are pictured at the 2008 Howard family reunion.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. Everything is starting looking pretty, lots of green and some pretty white and yellow blooms. I love this time of year when everything seems to come alive!

My s ister, B etty Tyree, and I visited at Letcher Manor on Saturday. We saw Camille Combs Fickering. She was sleeping and we didn’t wake her. I left her a note. We saw Madge Combs, who was looking really good. We saw Amanda King and Nannie Frazier (Katherine) and Lucinda Roberts. We can’t ever catch her awake. I hate to wake anyone when they are sleeping.

We saw one sweet little lady who was wide awake, Lovell Day of Kingscreek. She is 90 years old and so pretty. She had a new permanent and was getting ready to go play Bingo. They have that regularly up there. They win shampoo, lotion, bath powder, cologne, candy, and other things they like. I didn’t know she was the late Harding Ison’s sister.

I saw a picture in last week’s Eagle that caught my eye. It was a girl I went to high school with, Letha Ann (Jarrett) Collins, and her husband, Clayton Collins, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. I didn’t know we were old enough for that many years, but we must be. Time is going so fast. I remember when we were in high school she invited me home with her, and her mother made homemade ice cream. I still remember Cora Jarrett and how good the ice cream was. I think that was the first time I had it. I had snow cream growing up, and it was good also.

POSING for a picture are (left to right) Dorthy Miles, Oma Hatton, and Kathleen Brock.

POSING for a picture are (left to right) Dorthy Miles, Oma Hatton, and Kathleen Brock.

I need to apologize for a misprint in my news last week so I’ll write it again. Dorthy Tackett called to tell me her son, Albert Tackett of North Carolina, called and told her to tell me hello. He gets the Eagle now and looks forward to it. So hello back to you, Albert. Your mom also told me about your four-wheeler incident in the snow. It was funny.

Charles Howard had dinner with Rob and me on Wednesday. His wife, Brenda, had to work late and couldn’t join us.


AT THE BEACH — “My son, Robert Hatton, and his two favorite little boys, his grandsons, Will (right) and Loren Hatton, sons of Dr. Kevin and Adrienne Hatton of Lexington, on vacation in Mexico,” says Whitesburg correspondent Oma Hatton.

Thank you so much, Richard Adams, for the gold dollars you gave me and my sons, Rob and Billy Hatton. It meant a lot to us. We look forward to seeing you and Pauline.

My granddaughter, Rocki (Hatton) Hill, had a very nice baby shower in Lexington last week and got lots and lots of pretty little girl clothes. She is supposed to be here in May and will get to wear them. Wish I could have been there. I love showers.

My s ister, B etty Tyree, and I went to see Clyde on Friday. He was doing very well. We went to see Bob Gross and he was sleeping. He told us to always wake him up, but we just couldn’t.

I sure was pleased to see my little friend from Virgie. She is so sweet and special. I took a liking to her the first time I met her. We have talked on the phone when I can catch her phone not busy!

Harold Miller is not doing too well. His wife, Georgia, is worried about him. We are good friends. I hope he is feeling better. He keeps everyone laughing.

I got a call from my old Marlowe friend in Miamisburg, Ohio, Ada Miller King. She said her husband, Arthur King, son of Luther King, is very sick and needs everyone’s prayers. He has been sick for some time.

My friend, Roberta Willie of Roanoke, Va., said her husband, Robert, was doing some better. I don’t like to hear of my friends or anyone being sick, but it happens, especially as we are getting a little older.

This was a good week. We had a youth revival at our church, Whitco Pentecostal Church, and it went great. Our young preachers really did us proud, Caleb Howard, Jamie Niece, Josh Profitt, Nathan Moretz from West Virginia. We are proud of our young preachers. They seem so dedicated. Our church has a burden for our young people — alcohol, drugs, and things that will destroy their lives and cause pain and anguish to their families. We need to try to keep them in church.

The men in our church were having a breakfast on Saturday morning. They were cooking it themselves. Our ladies get together at times and the men thought they were being cheated. I’m sure they enjoyed themselves.

Three of my sons got together this weekend for the Bristol races. Larry Hatton, Billy Hatton, and Astor “Red” Hatton were to stay in Larry’s camper at the lake nearby. Them three had a ball! They love getting together. Rob couldn’t make it this year. I don’t think he likes it as much as the others. I’m glad the weather was good. One year they almost froze to death.

May God bless all of you and may all the sick folks get better.

Hope this week finds you in church somewhere. Remember, God loves you.

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