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Howdy, folks! I really don’t know where to start my column this week as I have so much I want to write about! Well I did it. I picked my daughter, Angie Weiderhold, and my little sidekick Bennie at her place and headed for the hills of home I love so dear.

I was sitting in Food City parking lot at Whitesburg close to six o’clock. Little Bennie needed some milk. Then we headed for my brother, Richie, and Wanda Hall’s on Ingrams Creek. Bennie was very good to travel with. I stopped a couple of times so he could get out and walk.

My brother, Jerry Hall, was admitted to Whitesburg Hospital. I didn’t go see him nor my brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and his wife, Georgia, who are in the Letcher Manor Nursing Home. I felt that Bennie had been confined too long in his car seat.

After Angie and I rested a little while, Richie and Wanda took us to visit Wanda’s sister ,Teresa, and her husband, Mark Roark. Richie took Angie for a ride on Mark’s four-wheeler, Wanda and I watched baby Bennie with the help of Teresa and Mark, then Wanda, Angie and I picked a bowl of cherries.

Mark and Teresa have two real pretty cherry trees that were loaded. Around the hillside at their place are wild daisies that look as if they have been planted there. They are in perfect rows. I have never seen anything that is as perfect as this without being hand-planted.

Mark and Teresa’s home is really nice. Mark says he is the best looking man on Ingram’s Creek, maybe next to my brother, Richie, and I guess Bruce Jones could be on the top list. I better not leave Rick Jones out of the group.

I didn’t get to check on Bruce’s pea patch as there just didn’t seem to be enough time for everything.

We went to the Big Branch Cemetery to decorate the graves of Mom (Ora Hall), Dad (Clayton Hall), our greatgrandparents, Will and Nance Coots, and my sister-in-law Ann Hall. Richie, Angie and baby Bennie rode in the truck cab, Wanda, Kerstie, who is her granddaughter, and I rode in the back. As we were going up Big Branch I let go of the grip I had on the side of the truckbed, and almost rolled down towards the tailgate.

Richie said he looked back and Wanda and I were almost lying down while trying to hold on. I may be in my 60s but I love to ride in the back of the pickup truck when we go visit Richie and Wanda, especially on the back roads to the graves.

We came back through Boggs Hollow where my anonymous friend is from!

Kerstie spent the night with Wanda and Richie while we were there. I love that little girl. Kerstie has a teenage brother named J.T. Their mom and dad are Tracie and Donna Deaton. J.T. and Kertsie are lucky they live right next to Wanda and Richie.

Angie, little Bennie and I went to the hospital to visit Jerry and Mattie, then we went to the nursing home to see Wallace Lee and Georgia, then back to Richie and Wanda’s for the evening.

Jerry was released from the hospital the next morning. We went to visit Wallace Lee and Georgia again, then stopped by Jerry and Mattie’s house then headed back towards Harrison, Ohio. Of course we had to stop at Hardee’s in Hazard to get Angie a sandwich as we don’t have Hardee’s in this area anymore.

This was a very enjoyable trip. Angie hadn’t been to the mountains in several years.

I really don’t understand why a Whitecastle hasn’t been put in around the Whitesburg or Hazard area.

I received a phone call from Melissa McCabe, who is director of the Whitewater Senior Center on Dry Fork Road. Melissa had a party for her daughter at the Center. She invited her lifelong friend, Debbie Horton, and her mother, Lois Halcomb. Lois was married to Lawrence Halcomb, who was a brother to Clarence Halcomb. Lois is from the Linefork area and makes her home in Hamilton, Ohio.

Lois asked Melissa if she knew me, and after a few seconds she knew who she meant. Melissa thought it was so funny that we know the same people.

Melissa’s dad, William (Spook) Campbell, and his family were originally from Manchester. He worked at Champion Paper in Hamilton with Lawrence Halcomb.

Bill Halcomb is the Realtor who sold Melissa’s parents their house. There is a possibility that Clarence Halcomb built the house, that I don’t know for sure. Clarence was a carpenter by trade for many years.

Bill is a cousin to Clarence Halcomb and Bill is married to Mary Whitaker, who is the daughter of my little extra mountain mama Alma Whitaker whom I really miss.

I have an apology to make to Larry Roark of Kingscreek. I said it was his father- in-law who passed away. It was his stepdad I think. I am very sorry, Larry, for the mistake. I tried to call you while I was at Richie’s to tell you of my mistake.

My daughter, Anna Nottingham, and family are heartbroken. Anna and Scott had a dog they called Lucky for 15 years, who had to be put to sleep. Sarah is nine, Jessica is six, and Katelyn four. The girls and everyone are very sad.

Anna, Scott and the girls are planning a trip to Panama City Beach in few days. Scott’s sister, Sherrie, and her friend, Claire, will fly down to join them. I told Anna she could take me along. It is hot enough right here for me. I don’t need to go to Florida.

Columbus, Ind., has really been hit hard with a flood. There are lots of people from the mountains who live in Columbus. I called Polly Ann Ison Maucher to check on her brother, Doug, as I know he lives in Columbus.

Doyle and Merlene Day from Mill Branch called me. They are trying to find out who is buried beside my uncle, Lee Hall, and aunt, Victoria Whitaker, at the cemetery of Hassle Stamper since there’s no marker there. I haven’t been on that hill in many years. It was good talking to Doyle and Merlene.

Doyle says he and Merlene live in the old homeplace on Mill Branch. Doyle was surprised when I told him that I remember when he and Merlene were married.

I spent a few nights with Merlene’s sister, Elaine Davis, when we were in school at Mill Branch. Elaine was older than me and ahead of me in school.

Oh, the fond memories of school days and growing up in the little town of Roxana. I never knew where Whitesburg was until I was about 12 or 13 years old. Everything you needed could be bought at Roxana as far as groceries, and a few clothes, etc.

As I am writing this column I am listening to the Country Gentleman show, which comes on at five o’clock. Kentucky Girl and Old Red are filling in for Ancil Trivett. I am really enjoying the show. I wish they had a show of their own as I enjoy their music.

Gwen Huff Farmer is trying to get her garden straightened back up as the storms have wrecked everything. She is working herself to a frazzle!

I came home to a care package of lettuce and onions on my porch swing from Johnny and Ann Calihan. Johnny has been busy in his garden. Ann is trying to stay cool since the heat has been cranked up. They are both doing alright at the present time.

My good friends Betty and Doyle are both OK. Doyle has been remodeling their family room. I still haven’t been down to enjoy their deck. It seems I don’t do half what I want to anymore.

Shirley Wells has been busy baby-sitting her granddaughters for the summer.

I missed seeing my little guy Devon Cornett as he went to the races with his dad, Colin Cornett.

My brother, Jerry, tells me the woman who was missing and later found dead at Mayking was the daughter of the late Betty and Junior Hatton. Betty was a first cousin to our mom. I haven’t seen the obituary.

Well, it is time for me to get this on its way and get myself busy.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol. com.

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