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Everything ready for Christmas except the food

Northeast Ohio

Another week and closer and closer to the Christmas holiday. Howdy everyone, got all your shopping done, tree up and decorated and stockings hung?

Our tree is up and decorated, thanks to daughter-in-law, Redia and greats Christopher and Meagan and what a beautiful job they did. We have most presents for the family under the tree and the rest of this week will be spent mostly in the kitchen. We’re not having open house this year but will have the family stopping by for their gifts and food. I have my apples cooked and ready for a stack cake and dried apples are cooked for pies. I’m also having potato salad, mac and cheese, green beans, kraut and kielbasa, and mashed ‘taters. I’m doing several dishes but not the quantity I usually fix, just try to make food so everyone will have something they like. I don’t think I’ll have a stocking this year, I didn’t write my letter to Santa and I’m thinking it’s a little too late.

My sympathy to the family of Audra Cook Johnson, who died at Letcher Manor after a long illness. She was the daughter of the late John and Ollie Cook of the Deane area.

I talked to Georgia and she has had one doozy of a cold. She is some better now though. Richard is practically over his cold and our granddaughter, Jennifer, has had pneumonia but is or seems to be some better.

I had a yen for some freshly baked warm cookies, so I marched to the kitchen and whipped up a small batch, Edible, but let’s face it, a Betty Crocker I’m not! It had been a long time since I had made cookies and will be an even longer time before I try again.

It’s really cold here but we have gotten hardly any snow yet. They do say we could have a white Christmas. Growing up in the mountains it always seemed more Christmassy with snow on the ground. I would just love to turn back time, for one Christmas like we had way back when. Simple gifts and not too many but whatever a child got was just what they wanted.

Guess I’d better get some January birthday greetings to the following: nephew Wendell Sanders on the 7th, Red’s niece Teri (Hunsucker) Shortt on the 9th, Red’s niece Janie (Engle) Sturgill on the 15th, Cheyenne Brooke Novi (grandbaby of Patty Eubank) who will be a big girl of five on the 18th, Red’s niece Francis Howard on the 19th, Billy Wayne Engle on the 20th. I do believe I know his and I’m pretty sure I know Laredia Gail Engle’s is on the 21st. Also celebrating on the 21st is Brenda Gene (Bub) Caudill, on the 27th is Red’s brother Charles Engle and my nephew Kent Sanders who sadly lost his twin Kirk less than a year ago. Wishing all the best birthday ever, with lots of presents, cake and ice cream and wishing you a long happy healthy and wealthy life.

I have a couple of anniversaries to mention also. Sis and brother-in-law Jeanie and Phil Adams will celebrate 51 years on January 11, and Red and Lou Engle (you may have heard of them) will celebrate 63 years on January 26. I’m sure I have omitted some and, believe it or not, I just remembered one I really should not have forgotten, our youngest grandchild, Steven Wayne Engle, will be 32 on the 28th and also celebrating on that day will be Loretta Audrey Sue Adams, granddaughter of Willie (Creighton) and Carleta Adams. She is now a teenager, quite a young lady.

We had company, Bill and Redia stopped by with one of their grandsons, Tyler Wayne, who is 12 years old. They do seem to grow up too fast. We would love to keep them little longer, just hate to see and know what kind of world they could be facing. I shouldn’t be so negative, things could change for the better. All we can do is hope and pray.

Just listened to the weather forecast and it seems we are under a winter storm watch or warning. They say we should expect rain, sleet and extreme cold.

I’m gonna do my baking tomorrow (Friday). I like to let stack cake set awhile and of course dried apple pies stay good for several days.

I had to go out for a short while and as Bill’s truck was warm already, he took me. When we got back Tyler had brought the mail in and the first thing he said was, “Maw, you got a package.” Red said I don’t think there’s anything in it, when I opened it inside was the most beautiful handmade napkin holders with napkins embroidered with an “E” in red, also a note that said, ” Bet you thought it was empty,” ha ha. Thank you, Don and Ava Blair, so beautiful! Wish I could make things like that but guess I’ll just have to stick to making quilts and embroidering, which I plan to get back to doing after the holidays.

I was going through some papers and came across some old issues of The Mountain Eagle and came across one with a picture of Tom Gish on his front porch, getting papers ready for delivery. This was just after the bombing of the office. I was supposed to be doing some work but started reading and got very little work done.

Getting about time for Catharine to show up, unless she has to close tonight. She send this out on Thursday nights as she has to work a double on Fridays. She’s hostess Friday mornings and a server in the evenings. It makes for a long day even though she does have a couple hours between shifts. Ain’t no lazy bones about that girl!

Better say so long till next time, hope everything goes well for you and wishing you a healthy, happy week, and a peaceful one. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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