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Ex-Stones manager sued who?



1. Which all-girl group released “Soldier Boy,” and when?

2. What group released what became known as The White Album?

3. “For Those About to Rock” was a hit for which group? Where are they from?

4. Rolling Stones business manager Allen Klein sued the band Verve for use of what 1965 Stones song?

5. What is the Neil Diamond song “Cracklin’ Rosie” about?

6. Where did the Motown group DeBarge get its name?


1. The Shirelles, in 1962. Then in 1989, the song was used in the movie “Born on the Fourth of July.”

2. The Beatles. The 1968 album was completely white with the name of the group embossed on the cover. The double album contained 30 songs.

3. AC/DC, in 1982. The group is from Australia.

4. “ The Last Time.” Verve had a license to use part of the song, but used more than was allowed.

5. Instead of being about a woman, it’s thought to be an homage to rose wine. The specifi c wine is a topic of debate among Diamond fans.

6. DeBarge is the last name of the band’s siblings. Its bestknown album, “The Rhythm of the Night,” includes the 1985 hit “ Who’s Holding Donna Now.”

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