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Exciting week in Bardstown


What an exciting week in the Bardstown area, beginning last Tuesday when a baby boy was born in the parking lot of the Dollar General Market, only four miles from Flaget Memorial Hospital when Tim Richardson was rushing his wife, Crystal, to the hospital after her contractions had began at 7 a.m. The baby was born at 8:22.

My son Bernard’s friend, Phillip from New Haven, Ky., came to spend the night on Monday and Tuesday night and attend pizza and movie events sponsored by Communicare’s Impact program.

We always enjoy Phillip’s company. He is a well-mannered teen-ager, something you don’t find often these days.

In other local news here, action was taken by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission to discipline Nelson Circuit Judge John David Seay for taking too long to decide cases.

Records from the Administrative Office of the Courts showed that in February 2010, Seay had a backlog of 57 cases that had gone 90 days without a decision. Some had been waiting more than a year. Not all details were available because of the delicacy of the situation, as this judge handles many of the divorce cases in Nelson and surrounding counties (LaRue and Hart).

Just two weeks after being declared in a level one drought, Nelson County has been upgraded to level two. I knew that Bradi had been complaining about the grass being, as she said “brown and pokey,” when she would go outside barefoot in the backyard.

An accident on Thursday claimed the life of 64-yearold Enoch Foutch Jr. Prayers go out to his family. He recently had surgery for heart issues, and it’s suspected that the wreck was caused by health complications.

Also on this week’s prayer list are June Clark, Kathy Beaver’s family, Marshall “Marty” Simpson, Brian Cecil, Tracy Cissell, Barry Adams, Mark Hicks, Denise Hicks, Angela and Jim Hardesty, Jim Huber, Kacky Lewis, John Tingle, Meece Cook, Becky Gordon, Matt Hamilton, Patricia Barnes, Johnny Grill, Harold Morine, Bryan Vincent, and Nita Cissell.

Bernheim Forest celebrated its annual Colorfest

EYE Care for the 15th year. There were crafts and family oriented activities and music. Everyone had a good time.

It’s a shame when you get so busy that you don’t notice when the trees start changing colors — or you do notice but don’t realize you noticed. Either way, that is a definite sign you need to slow down and smell the roses or in this case slow down and notice the fall foliage.

Happy October birthdays go out to Tate Hampton on Oct. 30, Amy Sexton on Oct. 31. John Rayburn will be 9 on Oct. 21.

Have a blessed week, everyone.

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