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Exercising On The Road



Travel can derail anyone’s exercise routine. However, for people with diabetes sticking to a regular exercise regimen is vital for optimal blood glucose control.

Pharmacists who ask patients if they are planning any upcoming trips — whether for business or pleasure — have the opportunity to offer reminders for incorporating exercise into their patient’s travel schedules.

Counseling Tips

• Patients should move around on long plane flights and drives. Walk the plane’s aisles every 60 to 90 minutes or stop the care and walk for a few minutes every 90 minutes. Deep vein thrombosis is a concern for all travelers, but it is an even greater concern for people with diabetes who are over 40 or obese.

• Walk around the airport if you have a long wait or extended layover.

• Maintain your normal exercise routine as much as possible.

• Book a hotel with on-site workout facilities or a pool. If that is unavailable, see if there is a local gym that the hotel is affiliated with.

• Basic calisthenics (e.g., sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges) and stretching exercises require no extra equipment and can be done in the privacy and comfort of the hotel room.

• Combine sight-seeing with exercise. Hotel staff can help to map out a walking tour of the city, or provide walking directions to specific destinations.

• You should use other opportunities for exercise, such as using the hotel stairs instead of the elevators or escalators or walking to business appointments if distance permits.

• Bring a favorite workout videotape in case the weather is inclement; many hotels provide VCRs.

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