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Expect lakes to start rising soon

Gabby’s fishing fever

Most lakes are at or close to winter pool. As soon as the temperatures warm on up into early spring, the water surface temperatures will rise slowly and they will start raising the water.

Right now with most lakes low, a couple of basic fishing patterns will hold good for a while. One is fishing main lake areas with a bank with a steady drop into deeper water or that holds good cover of some type.

Fish will use these areas when the temperatures are low or dropping because they will not be as active and will move in and out of shallow to deeper water according to the weather and level of feeding action. On warmer, more stable days, the fish like bass and crappie may hold on shallow cover close to deeper water and be active.

Fish baits such small crank baits, jigs and tube baits for active fish. You may have to move around a lot and try different colors.

When the weather has been warm and stable for a few days, the fish will hold closer to shallow banks and chase shad schools. When they are doing this they are more active and can be easier to catch. You can use the same type baits, just look for feeding fish close to the bank and concentrate your fishing to these type areas.

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