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Explaining political ad

To the Editor:

The election is over but the damage to my reputation continues. I ask you to print this letter to give me an opportunity to correct two of the incorrect statements that appeared alongside the outrageous Pinocchio caricature.

We were Hubb Corp.’s largest creditor. My opponent may not have known that we had pledged unencumbered collateral to secure the debts listed to all the banks. These unencumbered assets consisted of Mountain Auto Parts and Garage at Cornettsville, coal trucks, tractors and trailers, personal vehicles, Certificates of Deposit, construction equipment and many other assets that did not belong to Hubb.

Furthermore, I have had to pay the outstanding tax liabilities to the State of Kentucky and am working on those owed to the IRS.

I have never deleted any item from my blog that had any relevance to the election or claims made by my opponent. The only items I deleted were those that my friends and family said were borderline negative. These were always posts that were less than one day old.

I have never lied or misled the citizens of Letcher County. If you think I have, please contact me. I want everything out in the open in a fair, honest and truthful discussion.


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