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Facebook plan to find suicidal users too late to save local woman

Less than a day after the Internet site Techcrunch.com reported that Facebook will begin using artificial intelligence to detect suicidal users, a Letcher County woman shot herself in the head during a live-stream video on the social media platform.

Dani Conley, 26, was streaming video from her cell phone on Facebook Live in the late night/early morning hours of Nov. 27 when she raised a gun and shot herself in front of the camera.

Conley, of Bill Cornett Road at Little Dry Fork, was taken by helicopter to Holstein Valley Medical Center in Kingsport, Tenn. The hospital declined to comment, citing federal privacy laws, however other sources confirmed that Conley died from her wound.

Kentucky State Police have not issued a statement about the incident, but confirmed that it occurred and that a death investigation is underway.

The Sullivan County, Tenn., medical examiner could not be reached.

Facebook Live suicides began to trend last winter, and by summer the practice had become common enough that the social media giant began testing artificial intelligence technology that would detect posts that would indicate suicidal thoughts, flag those users and send suicide prevention resources to them.

The test was completed, and the company rolled out the finished product yesterday. It wasn’t soon enough for Dani Conley.

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