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Fall brings memories

The type of fall weather we are having now sure brings back old memories of times and places.

If you happen to have some land to raise a few items for the enjoyment of good eating during the winter, you could look out in the mornings and see the frost on the pumpkins, as the old saying goes.

Believe me, we have really been having some big frosts lately. I can handle the frosts all right, but it wouldn’t bother me if I never see another snow.

As I have said many times before, I am just not a cold weather person.

In the fall after it frosts a few times, it is time to gather the crops, including the corn. Some people, especially older people, often called it corn cutting time because they would strip the blades from the stalks up to the ear of corn and tie it up in bundles to feed the critters during the winter. They called this ‘foddering’.

Next, they would cut the tops off above the ear of corn and tie them into shocks and leave them in the field until needed. A lot of times they would stash a few cushaws and pumpkins inside the shocks of fodder to keep them from freezing until ready to eat.

They would make an opening to get the pumpkins or cushaws out and then close the opening up.

The last step was to gather the ears of corn from the stalks and store them in a dry and well-ventilated place, and take it out as needed.

Many folks usually had hogs, cows, chickens, and in many cases, a horse too. In most cases the people did this to survive because they simply didn’t have the money to run out to the store and buy everyday essentials to prepare a meal.

But they ate good, homecooked meals which took a lot of hard work and faith in the Lord, that He would provide their needs.

That’s all from the Funny Farm till next time.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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