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Fall is a good time to see the mountains


SARAH LAMONTE, formerly of Cowan, is now a senior at Clinton High School in Clinton, Miss.

SARAH LAMONTE, formerly of Cowan, is now a senior at Clinton High School in Clinton, Miss.

We are enjoying this pretty fall weather. Our seasons seem to go by faster as you get older.

Several attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday. We were really pleased with the Association. It was an honor to serve those who attended and a joy. We appreciate the younger members who labored to make it easy for the older members. We hope everyone had a safe trip home. We appreciate everyone who came and those who helped in any way.

This weather is so pretty. It’s a good time to do a few things before it gets cold. We have had a good season in many ways. Now is a good time to see our mountains. The Western people would love to see them. We just need more places for people to stay. The Western deserts were a sight for us. Our mountains and streams would be a sight for them.

We miss our people who don’t come in as often as they used to. We love them all and miss them.

Russell and Minerva Jane Yonts came in for a visit. I hope they had a safe trip home. Seems like I barely get to see her but I am glad they got to come.

I have a real pretty dogwood tree in my backyard. It’s almost red with berries. I really enjoy it.

The Harrison Boggs Sr. family reunion was held Oct. 4 at Natural Bridge State Park. There was a large turnout and plenty of food. The Boggs boys from Brookville, Ind., grilled the meats. There were prizes for the oldest, youngest, and one who traveled the farthest. Jill Boggs will be planning for the next year, same time and same place.

Mae Boggs’s daughter, Becky Mohn, is in Florida at this time with a friend from Hudson, Ohio. She will be back home soon.

Bill Boggs, Austin Boggs and two of Austin’s school friends went to the University of Kentucky football game Saturday. They reported a good time.

Verna and Chester Rayburn are in Washington, D.C., for a week. They plan to visit the Jefferson Memorial, U.S. Capitol Building, White House, Arlington Cemetery, Iwo Jima statue, and Mt. Vernon, Va.

Virginia Brown has had her family home, Joe and Linda of Mississippi, Steven of Tennessee, and Randy and Eula Mae of Cowan. As always, they had a good visit. Joining them on Thursday for a potluck supper were Russell and Minerva Yonts, Duane and Anna Yonts, Glennon and Thelma Ison, Ron and Janice Wolod, Shirley Harris, Kathy LaMonte, and Doris Banks.

Kathy and Shirley spent a week at their home on Cowan (Beulah Land). We missed seeing Sarah and Gracie. Sarah was too busy being a senior and working; Gracie was too busy being a kindergartener. They enjoyed a meal with Bobby and Georgia Phillips while they were here.

On Friday, Thelma, Janice, Minerva, Anna, Shirley, Kathy and Doris had a delicious dinner with Ella Preston. They were treated to a viewing of their Great-grandma Adams’s (Martha Jenkins Adams) clay pipe, dresses, bonnets, reticule, and other interesting items from the past.

On Saturday, Ella’s son, Bruce, and grandson Michael visited her.

Carrie Wolod and her friend visited with Kae Fisher while they were here.

Some of the children and grandchildren of the late Cassel and Beulah Caudill met at the community center Saturday. Attending were Thelma Ison, Janice and Ron Wolod, Susan Stamper and Alissa, Kae Fisher, Johnny and Faye Campbell and Anna, Doris Day, Morgan Everidge, Donna Watts, Mike Watts and friend Victoria, Mike and Martha Ann Wenning and Brad, and Susan Ware.

Rachel and Chris Fields are taking parenting classes in preparation for adopting a baby. We wish them well.

Dillon Fisher is attending Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College and working at Wendy’s. On weekends he plays with his band, Alter Void. They played at the Crawford Festival and will perform in Cumberland on Oct. 31.

Happy birthday to Ernie Ison, Sept. 26, and to Jessica Cook, Oct. 18.

Get well wishes to Dillon Bentley.

Hope everyone has a nice week.

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