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Fall is coming very shortly



We are really loving this cooler weather, as I’m sure most everybody is. It’s hard to believe there are already some yellow leaves laying here and yonder on the ground.

Seeing crepe myrtle shrubs blooming reminds me that fall will be here very shortly. The katydids have been singing for a few weeks here.

Then, all the school supplies out in the stores and hearing my grandkids discuss how they are dreading having to go back to school reminds me that our freedom from a schedule is soon to be over.

Well, Monday the 29th, I took Mom to Pikeville to Dr. Ronald Hall’s office to have a place on her face checked for skin cancer. She has had several places burned off and they were all only basal cell carcinoma. So, when this one came up last week we called and got the appointment as fast as we could. Today, they didn’t have to cut or burn at all. They just used a little swab with liquid nitrogen on it and touched it to the place.

Mom had no idea what they did and we just kept talking with the nurse the whole time about her little incident with rolling out of the bed that happened a few weeks ago. So, they made her an appointment to come back and we left the doctor’s office. We stopped in the hall to use the bathroom and Mom said, “Well, we just made a trip all the way here for nothing, didn’t we?” I said, “No, Mom, they froze that spot off.” She said, “They did, they just froze it off?” I said, “ Yes, didn’t you feel it?” She said, “Well, humph. Next time I’ll just put some ice on it. I can do that myself and save myself all that trouble.”



She’s turned into a regular old homebody. I tried to get her to go shopping with me or anything. She said, “I’d rather just hightail it on back to my house.”

I saw on Facebook where a very special lady had a birthday on the 23rd, Georgia Armstrong Hall. Georgia and her husband Jim Hall have been friends of ours for many years. We were members of Colson Bible Baptist many years ago together. They are still members there.

Lori Thomas, Elizabeth Trotter Cooper and Lindsey Stamper Combs celebrate Lindsey’s birthday.

Lori Thomas, Elizabeth Trotter Cooper and Lindsey Stamper Combs celebrate Lindsey’s birthday.

Lindsey Stamper Combs also celebrated a birthday last week. She is the daughter of the late Bobby Stamper and Sherry Potter Stamper. Lindsey and I are both members of No Limits Fitness at the rec center.

There are so many fundraisers going on for the Blackjewel miners. Many were last week, but there are still lots more taking place. There will be a 5K run/walk beginning and ending at the rec center this coming Friday, August 2, beginning at 9 p.m. It’s called the Glow 4 Coal 5k run/walk. If you need more information you can contact the Judge/Executive’s office.

I saw another thing posted on Facebook about the Blackjewel employees trying to stop a train from hauling coal away from one of the deep mines. Some of you may not know it, but these men still haven’t been paid for their last four weeks of work. They still need everyone’s prayers to find other jobs and have the money owed them given back. We were blessed that my husband was able to find another job. For those that are trying to find another way of living outside of working in the coal industry I saw where an organization called Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, also know as EKCEP, will be hosting two job fairs on Aug. 20 at the Letcher County rec center and the 21st at the Harlan Center.

Whitesburg is making preparations for the 2019 Mountain Heritage Festival. One of the things that I saw advertised that looks like a lot of fun is the fourth annual Night Kayak Parade. This will take place Saturday, Aug. 17, at Fishpond Lake. There will be prizes awarded for the Best Lit, Best Themed and the Best Overall. The cost is $10 for each kayak. You must provide your own kayak, paddle and life jacket. Decorate your kayak to glow in the night for a chance to win a Prize Package! Registration begins at 6:30 p.m. Kayaks go on the water at dusk! This is a free event for spectators, but you must bring your own lawn chair or blanket. Come see this amazing event as part of the 2019 Mountain Heritage Festival. Contact Committee Member Chris Caudill at 634-1615 for more information!

I love seeing people out in the community that mention our column and that they enjoy reading it. One person that never fails to tell me this is one of my former Whitesburg High School teachers, Carl Bennett Banks. Or as we called him, Mr. C.B. Banks. His mom Elsie Banks was a Mountain Eagle contributor for many years. Lots of Mom’s friends keep up with what’s going on with her through this column.

Her friend Lizzie Mae Wright from Letcher County Senior Citizens really misses her coming and talking to her there. Speaking of which, Lizzie Mae took a bad fall in her home and was in Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital for a few days. Her children came home to spend some time with her and make sure she was all right. Lizzie Mae surely does appreciate her neighbors for coming to her when she needed them.

I also saw Margaret Combs this past Sunday at Isom Subway. She hasn’t changed one bit since I saw her three or four years ago. Her nephew surprised her by showing up there to eat, too. Come to find out when he started talking to her he also spoke to me and asked if I didn’t recognize him. He was one of my former Martha Jane Potter third graders, Jordan Fields. He is now almost 23 years old. Unbelievable how fast time flies.

We have lots of people in our community that are needing prayers for their health. Some that come to mind are Pat Fultz Ratliff and her sister Peggy Maggard, Ann Thomas in the nursing home, my aunt Linda Pennington Hall in the nursing home, Doug Wright, Estel Taylor in the nursing home, and all those that have lost loved ones recently. Especially remember my pastor Bill Jones and his wonderful family.

As Oma would say, remember to be in church Sunday and I say if your church has services Sunday evening or throughout the week God expects you to be there then, too.

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