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Fall leads to trip to emergency room

Northeast Ohio

Good morning and it is a beautiful morning weather wise. The sun is shining brightly and temps are supposed to be in the 70s. Of course I do prefer 80s.

Not a very good morning for us, as about 2 a.m. I had a pretty good fall in bathroom. Have a bump on my head and a huge right elbow. Boy, did it ever hurt and sting.

Our son, the one we lost 10 years ago (seems like yesterday), always said, “Mom is so graceful, she can trip over the yellow line in the street.”

This has made a hard day for Red and he wasn’t feeling too chipper anyway. Will be going for x-rays shortly so this could be a very short article.

Do have October birthdays I need to send greeting, but will get them next week. I do know that Billy Resor and his daughter Kristin have early birthdays. Will be having a party for both Saturday in Wellington, and brother Richard has one on the 10th. His claim to fame is being the 10th child born on the 10th day of the 10th month and has 10 letters in his first names, Richard Ray. Wishing all a great day and may you have many more. Happy birthday!

Should see how many leaves are falling around here and according to weather forecast more than leaves will be falling by Sunday. Yep, I’d say we could see a few snowflakes.

Not ready for that but as the saying goes, we takes what we gets.

Oh well, won’t bother me all that much as I’m quitting driving and Red can’t see so guess we will need to hire a driver.

Our neighbors are really decorating for Halloween. The Engle house never did, but we do give candy to the children who come by just because we both love the little ones.

Guess they will be disappointed this year as neither of us are up to it.

Just got back from the emergency room. Had to wait for Rick to get off work to drive me. Nothing broken but a lot of swelling, so something could show up later.

Got a lot of old Arthur hanging around. Blood pressure was up and I do hurt some, but I plan to live just as long as the good Lord sees fit to keep me around. I’ve got to take care of Red.

Had lots of company while gone, Georgia, Debbie and Rick’s wife Joyce.

Have talked to Jeanie pretty often, and she also has a close relationship with Mr. Ritis.

Would like to say hello to all my dear brothers and sisters and friends at Antioch Church in Louisville. Also to brother Hillard Newsome: There’s a precious sister who belongs at Little Edna and I’m thinking you just might know her. Does the name Billy Joyce Hamilton ring a bell? I met her several years ago and have loved her ever since.

Catharine just called, and she’s on her way. So to one and all, love and prayers and have a blessed week.

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