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Fallen tree causes power outage


I hope everyone fared OK with last Saturday’s heavy thunderstorms. They were really rough. We lost our electricity that evening and didn’t have any until Sunday morning, as did everyone living below the Sycamore Loop area toward Blackey. I think they said a large tree fell on the power line around Opal Duke’s home, and we appreciate the power company workers who have to get out and work to try and restore the power all hours of the day or night.

That jogs my memory about Lowell Caudill’s recent truck accident and hopefully he is recuperating OK from his surgery and injuries.

His wife, Sandy, was dealing with a lot at that time. Not only Lowell’s accident, but her mother, Annie Back, was so sick and later died. She and Lowell were in a lot of folks’ thoughts and prayers.

Susie Raglin is still recuperating from her recent fall and had to spend a couple days last week in the hospital. Her son, Don, has been staying with her to help out and her neighbors have been good to check on her.

Dolly Caudill recently purchased Ruby Breeding’s home near Isom and has been fixing it up to suit her taste. Ruby has gone to live with her daughter and they were going to visit here in July to see what Dolly has done to the home.

We were sorry to learn that Lucy Blair hasn’t been well for the last three weeks or so. She has been in the hospital most of that time, but we hope she is home and feeling better by the time this comes out. Her daughter, Sylvania, was doing well enough to be out to her home church, Dixon Memorial, both Saturday evening and Sunday morning for their communion service.

We hope Johnny Holbrook is still doing well after his recent heart bypass surgery. Neighbors say he didn’t have a lot of problems with it and is home recovering now.

Hazel Adams had her grandson David Combs of Lexington and his son, Ethan, visiting her one day last week.

Back in June, Dorse and Gwen Fields and nine other in the group went to the Lexington Opera House to see the Conway Twitty Musical. They really enjoyed it. Their son, Todd, came in on July 4 and shot fireworks with them in their yard, as he does every year.

Last week Dorse and Gwen Fields went to Louisville to see a former teacher at Stuart Robinson School, Miss Chamberlain, who was in Louisville for a Presbyterian Women’s Conference.

Those meeting Miss Chamberlain after her conference were Dorse and Gwen, Nina Sergent Hall and her friend Woody, Beatrice Stewart Crawford, Louanna Hampton, Gladys Watts Moss, and Hal and Claudetta Adams. They met her for lunch at the Kingfish Restaurant and reminisced about old school days. Dorse and Gwen stayed at their daughter Cheryl’s that night and while they were there they visited their former neighbors and friends Harold and Louanna Hampton.

Recently the children and descendants of the late Bee and Mattie Whitaker got together for their family reunion. They met at Carr Creek Lake and had a good time together.

The Squire and Ida Whitaker family sent this account of their recent reunion:

“About 100 members of the Whitaker generation met at the Stuart Robinson dining hall and dorm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 17, 18 and 19.

“Squire and Ida Whitaker had three children: James Whitaker of Dearborn, Mich.; Ina Mae Ison of Somerset; and Phyllis Ann and Bing Gibson of Spanaway, Wash. They each had a large group of children with them. There were also children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Neldon and Tina Whitaker, Dana and Hargis Caudill, and Mary Jane and Otis Davis.

“George and Anna Whitaker were represented by sons Woodroe and Dorla Whitaker of Mill Branch, Tom and Louise Whitaker of Indiana, and Iolene Roark of Lexington, as well as several grandchildren.

“Fred and Magnola Whitaker were represented by Claude and Anna Mae Whitaker of Franklin, Ohio; Bobby Jack Whitaker of Franklin, Ohio; and Barbara and Parnell Fields, along with some of their children.

“Lloyd and Loudena Whitaker were represented by their grandchildren Jimmy and Oveta Davis of Indiana and Merlene and Doyle Day of Mill Branch, children of Marie and Thurston Davis.

“Everyone enjoyed meeting together on Friday night where we enjoyed a supper of delicious homemade vegetable soup and baked potatoes with all the trimmings. Thanks to Abby Ison’s great cooking. After supper everyone enjoyed singing songs Jeffrey Tabol had given us copies to sing from. We were accompanied by the guitar of Patrick Mulkern, and Mary Anna Tabol, and Claude Whitaker’s banjo. Everyone had a great time singing and talking with each other.

“Several of the cousins, Bill and Abby Ison, Jeffrey and Wally Tabol, Ida Gertrude Davenport, Shirley June Whitaker, and Lamont and Sherry Ison, superintended by Aunt Phyllis Gibson, prepared a big breakfast on Saturday morning of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, chocolate gravy, regular sausage gravy, French toast and biscuits. Everyone enjoyed a great breakfast.

“After breakfast, everyone gathered around a table filled with bread and lunch meats to make sandwiches and put a bag of chips and soft drinks for our lunches. Some went on a tour of High Rock on Pine Mountain. Others went on a trip up Mill Branch to the Squire and Ida Whitaker homeplace. Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bing walked with some of the cousins telling of her memories of walking out of Mill Branch to go to school. We all met at the homeplace and ate our packed lunches.

“At 2 p.m., around 60 people met at the Whitaker cemetery where our grandparents Squire and Ida Whitaker, George and Anna Whitaker, Neldon and Tina Whitaker, Hargins and Dana Caudill, Kelly Reed Whitaker, and Terry Whitaker are buried. Elder Ellis Adams and wife Ila, Elder Robert Halcomb, Elder Wayne Smith and wife Joann, and Elder James Monroe Caudill conducted a short service. We were thankful that Woodroe Whitaker had provided some benches for some seating. Several songs were sung and Elder Ellis Adams spoke a few words and Elder Robert Halcomb made prayer. Elder James Caudill and Brother Elmer Caudill each sang a song. Everyone enjoyed the service and was thankful to the Blair Branch Church coming to conduct the service.

“On returning to the dining hall at Stuart Robinson, Jimmy Neldon Whitaker and Bill’s grandson Alex conducted an auction of items family members had brought such as family pictures, aprons, purses, blankets, planks from the Whitaker home, homemade jellies, books and many other things. The auction made $2,400 to cover the expenses of the reunion.

“After the auction, everyone enjoyed a great meal catered from the IGA at Isom. The meal included fried chicken, green beans, broccoli casserole, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, potato salad, coleslaw, and soft drinks. Everyone enjoyed the meal.

“After the meal, a square dance was held with Charlie Whitaker and wife Joyce calling the square dance and Lee Sexton’s band furnishing the music. Everyone enjoyed the square dancing and they got a big kick out of Uncle James Whitaker dressing like a person from the Revolutionary War. Many people just sat around the sides of the building watching the dancing and talking with one another.

“We ended with a simple breakfast on Sunday morning of cereal, breakfast rolls, coffee, juice, and milk.

“Everyone tried to see that everything was neat and clean before everyone left at about 12 p.m. hoping to meet again next year.”

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Ray McIntosh of Knott County, who died last week. He was a brother to our neighbor, Patty Amburgey, and that leaves only Pat and her sister, Matilda Parker, in the family. Our sympathy goes out to his children and other family and friends also.

Mary Jo Blair has been gone to Myrtle Beach, S.C., with Colman and Martha Sue Blair. They stayed a week and got back home on Saturday. All enjoyed the trip.

There will be a yard sale at the home of Lee and Wilma Pridemore on July 31 and Aug. 1 and it will be held rain or shine.

Robert Williams of Lexington, has been back home at Blackey visiting.

Roy Kenon and Billie Smith of Ohio, came in on Sunday to visit with the Pridemores and Smiths. Last week, Billie had a procedure to deaden the nerve n her back, to see if it would help with her chronic back pain. She said it wasn’t too bad and she will have the nerve on the other side done later.

On Sunday, Bob stopped in at Doty Creek to visit Verlin Breeding. His daughters also stopped in to check on him while Bob was there.

Richard and Libby Smith spent last week in Nashville, Tenn., attending seminars pertaining to the education field. While there, they also saw Charlie Daniels perform at the Opry.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything I was asked to write and have a good week, everyone.

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