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Families at Roxana knew each other

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! I hope everyone hasn’t been washed away with all the rain I have seen eastern Kentucky has been getting!

Vickie Power and I went to the Flatland Bluegrass Barn at Bath, Ind., which is just a short way from College Corner, Indiana and Oxford, Ohio. James White & Deer Creek was the featured band. This band is a favorite of mine, as I know James and his wife, Bertha.

During the show the hardest and quickest rain came, and Vickie remembered she had left the windows down in her car which was parked at my house. We left during the band’s break. I drove through water over roads that were a little scary to me. This is open, flat land, with no danger of being swept into a river or creek, yet in parts it looked like a muddy ocean.

I watched a vehicle as the driver came through the center of the road which was covered with water, and I asked him to wait as I tried to go through it. He recognized us from the bluegrass place, and was very kind to wait until we were safely through. When we got to Harrison, it had rained, but it wasn’t the downpour that we had been in.

As it turned out, things happened for the best, as my son, Keith Ballard, was released from the hospital earlier than expected so he needed a ride home.

Polly Maucher sends her condolences to the family of Ike and Vera Mitchell, as one of their sons died suddenly. He made his home in Columbus, Ind.

Polly’s brother, Doug Ison, stopped by to pay his respects at the funeral home as the Isons are from the Kingscreek area. Doug got to talk to Pearlie and several of the family.

Of course I remember the name of Ike and Vera Mitchell slightly as a child from Roxana.

I remember some of the Mitchell kids, Pearlie and Wilkie, who are older than me, then Billy Ray is about my age, and a sister Minnie, ‘Little Minnie,’ who used to stay with her Aunt Minnie and George Whitaker.

I would go to Minnie and George’s to play with little Minnie as Mommy and Daddy (Clayton and Ora Hall) rented from George and Minnie. In the little town of Roxana every family knew each other. I wish times were as simple as they seemed to be back in those times.

While driving through Harrison one morning, I took a mental journey back once again as a child as a woman was sweeping the sidewalk in front of her house. Oh, the memories of Mommy sweeping her yard every morning of her life, a blade of grass wouldn’t grow. No matter how sick our mother was, she would clean her house and sweep the porch and yard.

My daughter, Kay Gray, is so much like Mommy. Her house is always spotless, and her yard looks like a picture from a magazine. No matter what problems Kay faces, it seems like she can find the energy to clean. Myself I can look at it, step over it, and go on about my business.

I have good intentions that never seems to get carried through. If there’s someplace to go, no matter what needs to be done, I will leave it and head out the door especially if it’s music. As some of you know, I would rather dance than clean house!

Carl and Willa Mae Boggs like to go to Hindman to listen to music on Tuesday evenings, but recently Will Mae stayed home because the weather was sort of bad. I asked Carl if he danced a dance for me, and he replied no, he didn’t. A pretty lady did ask him to dance, but Carl declined as he was afraid that Willa Mae wouldn’t like him dancing with a pretty lady when she wasn’t there. Just joking, Carl !My brother, Richie Hall, knows Carl’s brother, Lowell Boggs, and he says they are a fine family. There are several of the Boggs family who were teachers, including Carl and Willa Mae.

I believe Willa Mae taught school with Carl at one time. He might have been her boss. If that had been me, there might have been a divorce years ago.

Gwen Huff Farmer spent several days with her son, Forest Farmer, in Arkansas. Gwen is worried about her garden as the seeds she has planted have been washed away several times.

Shirley Wells sure enjoyed her weekend with her grandson, Tyler.

My sister-in-law, Wanda Hall, did rather well with her yard sale. When I go back to visit Wanda I am going to load my car with things I can no longer fit into, then buy me a tent to put on or use one of those wrap-around things that you see women wear!

My daughter, Angie Wiederhold, didn’t worked last week so I didn’t see my little side-kick Bennie. Yes, I miss him.

I talked to Ann Calihan for a few minutes, and all the family is okay.

Please mark Sept. 25 on your calendar for Letcher County Day in Harrison. Bring a covered dish and your beverage.

Hello to Mavis Kaiser and her brother, Bill Profitt.

Well, I am going to get this in the mail! Until next time Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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