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Families care for each other in hard times

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Tim Day and granddaughter Evie went for an evening walk on the railroad tracks. He is the son of former Roxana resident Hayward Day of Scipio, Ind.

Tim Day and granddaughter Evie went for an evening walk on the railroad tracks. He is the son of former Roxana resident Hayward Day of Scipio, Ind.

Happy Easter everyone!

I realize this is such a difficult Easter for thousands of people, as we are under strictly orders of social distance away from family and friends. It is especially hard for those to miss Easter Sunday sunrise services as they haven’t missed an Easter Sunday as far back as they can remember.

I really hadn’t planned anything for Easter, then it wasn’t fair not to fix something special for dinner for my son Keith Ballard. Keith actually got special treatment all day. At 8 a.m. as I was putting potatoes on to boil, I was informed he would really like biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I also fixed sausage and eggs to go with the biscuits and gravy.

Later I fixed, ham, potato salad, deviled eggs, cottage cheese with pineapples, peas and hot rolls. Now the potato salad required some extra help, as Keith went to the store for me. I forgot I was out of dill pickles.

Keith picked up a huge jar of zesty dill pickles. He should have purchased a fire extinguisher. Lucky I only diced one pickle. I tasted to see if the potato salad need anything, and it needed to be thrown out. Keith went to the local UDF store to get a jar of regular dill pickles, I poured pickle juice in the potato salad, making it edible.

Hayward Day is pictured with his beautiful daughter Kim Day, who looks more like her mother every day.

Hayward Day is pictured with his beautiful daughter Kim Day, who looks more like her mother every day.

My daughter Anna Nottingham cooked for her immediate family, and Sarah Nottingham moved home a day before the home confinement came into effect.

I tried to convince Anna that Keith and I would come to visit. We would stay outside, keeping the six-foot distance, and we could sit on the porch and enjoy our meal.

She said, “Mom, you stay home.” I started laughing as my granddaughter Jodi has me in time out, or grounded in my own home.

Jodi is so afraid I will catch coronavirus as she knows I am a prime candidate. Jodi has been going to the store and doing other things for me. As I have written before Jodi is a second-grade teacher. Jodi is doing home school through technical things, but there are several students that don’t have computers, etc.

Jessica Nottingham, who is a 2020 senior, is daughter of Scott and Anna Nottingham and granddaughter of Rose Ballard.

Jessica Nottingham, who is a 2020 senior, is daughter of Scott and Anna Nottingham and granddaughter of Rose Ballard.

Jodi made each student individual folders with home work projects till the end of school term, then packed everything in her car for delivery to each student. It took over five hours delivery to the students’ homes. Since some of the students live in areas she didn’t want to alone, Jodi had a friend to go with her.

Oh yes, I am so proud of my granddaughter and all my grandchildren. It really is disappointing to know my granddaughter Sarah will complete four years of college with no graduation ceremony, along with my granddaughter Jessica Nottingham who is a senior and not having the graduation ceremony also.

There’s one church that the pastor feels he is above the law, Solid Rock Church. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine hasn’t got the courage, to put it mildly, to shut Solid Rock Church down. I guess money talks in certain cases in religion as it does in anything! Solid Rock Church was on the news, and in the newspapers when it was being built, not very good news for a Church.

Bryce Liam Sturgill, the 6-year-old son of Bryon and Amber Sturgill of Jenkins, found 55 dryland fish in the Rockhouse area of Hemphill on April 8. Bryce loves riding his four-wheeler and learning about God.

Bryce Liam Sturgill, the 6-year-old son of Bryon and Amber Sturgill of Jenkins, found 55 dryland fish in the Rockhouse area of Hemphill on April 8. Bryce loves riding his four-wheeler and learning about God.

To me Gov. DeWine lacks the spine, or backbone that Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear has. I know I don’t live in Kentucky, however I am so glad that scumbag Matt Bevin lost the race. An old hound dog would have been better than him.

Now if Kentucky will only ditch money-bags Mitch, as he has sucked enough money over the many years to last his lifetime plus all his family for years on end. There should be a two-year time to serve in Senate, etc., not get in young and stay until death do you part.

I wish someone would make something clear for me about social distance. To my understanding Gov. Beshear meant all family members that weren’t living in a household not to be invited for Sunday dinner or anytime.

Why should it come as a surprise as rules don’t always apply to some people, as they live by their own rules in lots of situations?

I would give anything to have the pleasure to take just a day trip to the mountains to see the redbud trees and the dogwoods, as usually

I can catch both.

To be honest, if Calvary Campus was open, I could be quarantined there for 14 days. As long as I had enough beverages to last, I would gladly pay for a room, wash out the clothes on my back and hang them to dry. Being in solitary confinement there would not bother me one bit. I have spent so many holidays by myself over the past 25 years that it doesn’t bother me.

I didn’t realize there were words such as social distancing. I guess that was what I practiced all those many years, since I worked days, evenings, and weekends to survive.

There’s one thing that I find is rather sad. After you are married a lifetime, after your husband passes away you get their Social Security, and you have it better financially. You are free to take trips and do the things that you couldn’t do as you are housebound for years.

As usual I start preparing to write this column, I looked out my window. The sky is a beautiful shade of blue with white, fluffy clouds that I love so much, with the luscious green of the hayfield beneath.

Oh please don’t get tired of me talking about the beauty that surrounds me, it helps to ease the longing of wanting to head for the mountains that, as have I said so many times before, will always be home in my heart.

Once again God has painted such a beautiful picture for my eyes to behold.

Like for so many people scattered over the world, this doesn’t seem like Easter. I wonder if life will ever be what we took for granted all our lives, no matter what ages we are.

I realize it has to be very difficult on our school age youngsters, especially the grade school age. Parents are trying to explain why there’s no school. The children are barely able to go outside, and are not allowed to play with friends.

So many that have been confined have so many technical things like iPads, cell phones, and small handheld games that I have no idea what I am talking about. You can’t walk through a store that someone isn’t looking at a cell phone!

Personally I can verify what the results of texting and driving can do. I upset several and I won’t say I am sorry. I wish there was an ordinance passed, you had to shut your cell phone completely off when you are behind the wheel of your car. I know there’s handfree that is in most new cars,. There was one in my 2018 Hyundai, but that also takes away your concentration.

June 1, 2019 changed my life forever, as I haven’t been able to enjoy sleeping in my comfortable bed. I sleep in my recliner as my foot has to be elevated. I’ve missed almost a year of doing what has been my outlet for many years. I may never dance again, at least with the zest that I enjoyed.

Now that is enough, as there are more important things than me griping.

I know this coronavirus is a real deal, yet I think our government is going to take over our lives. We are quarantined, sheltered in place, or almost in jail, confined in our own homes. Churches are shut down abortion clinics are open, liquor stores are considered essential and are open. Retail stores aren’t essential, even though there are deaths, and you may need clothes.

Oh, I almost forgot, you aren’t allowed to go see a loved one in the hospital or nursing home before they pass, then no visitors at a funeral.

My heart aches for the medical personnel or anyone that is working on the front lines, from the ones in grocery stores to anyone who is trying to make it as good for others as possible while putting themselves and family members in danger. I am so thankful this isn’t in the dead of wintertime, so at least we can get out in the yard, if you are lucky enough to have a yard.

Letting thoughts wonder back in time, my mommy would have her lettuce bed sowed, green onions out, and peas in the ground by now.

A friend and I were discussing life growing up in the mountains I still call home. She wasn’t raised at Roxana, but was closer to Whitesburg. As we were talking the conversation took us down quite a lot of different paths.

We got to talking about drinking out of a water bucket that always had a dipper. No matter how many lived in the household, everyone drank out of the dipper, plus when or if someone happened to stop by for a visit, should they be thirsty, yes they got a drink of water from the same dipper. I can’t recall there was ever anyone getting sick or died from this.

While I am writing this it makes my stomach feel queasy, as I won’t drink after anyone, and I wouldn’t even drink after my husband, and not my own children, then nor now. I am a clutterbug, yet I will rinse a glass when I take it out of the cabinet before I drink from it.

Brenda said her dad worked in the coal mines, never seeing the light of day for a couple of weeks, then he found other employment. Dad worked in the coal mines 25 years before he was run over with a car driven by some young man from Isom, who not only ran over Dad, but he backed up and ran over him again, crushing Dad’s rib cage, breaking almost every rib on one side, breaking his pelvis bone in two places, and puncturing a hole in his thigh among other injuries.

Dad survived and the doctors said he would never walk again. To the amazement of the doctors, Dad signed himself out of the hospital and went home.

He was never able to work again. The driver of the car never even got a citation, as Dad was in the road. Dad was wearing a white shirt. My question is, how the driver didn’t see him.

The parents of the young driver owned a grocery store in Isom. I personally spoke to the owner, who promised to help my parents until they could get some help. That was one lie, and they could have saved their breath.

I recalled to Brenda how Mom would get up about 3 a.m. to build a fire in the coal and wood stove, fix Daddy’s breakfast, then when us kids got up she would feed us, wash the dishes, make our beds, sweep and mop the floors. In spring, summer and fall she would work in the garden, do the washing, hang clothes outside, take them off the clothesline when they were dry, iron the next day, start supper again, wash dishes, and mop the kitchen again.

She would work in the garden until dark, and the last thing she would do at night was mop the floor, then wipe her feet, and go to bed.

Brenda said Mom must have had OCD, since she couldn’t be still. Oh, that remark really made me laugh, as the word OCD wasn’t even around back in the day.

I was just informed Sunday night that bad storms hit the area of Jenkins and surrounding areas, and people are without electricity. By the time daylight arrives I hope things aren’t too bad, and there are no reports of too much damage or injury.

I finally talked to Les Wagner. Pat hasn’t feeling very good for sometime. I should have known something was wrong usually we keep in touch with each other.

Hello Les and Pat, I really hope things get better for both of you.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are experiencing some rough times, along with Ann who keeps having some health issues. Their daughter Sue Wagoner has a couple of good days, and goes a few steps backward. Thank God Sue was released from the hospital in the nick of time, only a day before the coronavirus outbreak.

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Be careful, and when you have to go out, be safe.

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