Whitesburg KY

Families decorate graves for Memorial Day


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. We had a good rain last night, but today is a beautiful day.

I’m expecting my son Rob. He’s coming to spend a few days and I know I will enjoy that.

Today is my great-grandson Eli Hatton’s birthday, but we had his party earlier and had a great time.

Nathan Baker had a birthday on the 22nd, and I wish him a belated happy birthday.

I guess everyone is glad the election is over. I hope it went well for everyone.

I was so sorry for the Alfred Gibson family in the loss of their son in an accident. I have known all the Gibson family for many years and liked all of them.

It’s good to have my brother John Howard back home. I miss him when he’s away, but he loves being at the lake.

My brother Bobby Ray Howard is a grandfather again. His daughter Gabrielle and husband Jonathan Adams had a baby daughter recently. I haven’t seen her and don’t know her name yet, but I will soon find out.

I heard from my cousin, Ruby Jean Howard in Indiana. We have two cousins, Lee and Fred Howard, who are real sick and need prayer. I’m not real sure where they live. They are our double-first cousins.

I’m having real bad allergy problems and it’s messing up my talking, and for me that’s bad!

I guess all the folks who got their gardens out early are eating lettuce and green onions and peas. Lucky you!

I heard from my son Astor recently. They are leaving on vacation with some of their family members, and I know that will be good. They need a vacation. I’m happy for them.

I am still having a good week. My son Rob is here with me and I have been enjoying every minute of it. We have been visiting the cemeteries for Memorial Day and they are so beautiful.

Rob’s two children, Dr. Kevin Hatton and his son Loren, and his daughter Rocky Hill, all of Lexington, have been in and we sure enjoyed them.

It was so good seeing the Trent family at the American Legion Cemetery, David Trent and his brother Tommy Trent of Indiana, and his late brother Johnny Mack Trent’s wife, Lynette and her three sons. They come in every year for Memorial Day.

Some of the Cornett family were there to decorate the grave of their brother, Johnny B. Cornett, Sue and Mary Cornett. It was good seeing them. We’ve known them for so long. The weather was good, so we had a lot of visitors.

Rob and his family are getting ready for their vacation, and they are all excited, especially the children. All of the family are going.

I haven’t got to see Bobby Ray’s grandbaby yet, but I heard it was beautiful and knew it would be.

I have had a terrible time with allergies, no pain or sickness, but right now I can hardly talk. Can you imagine me not talking? I don’t like that at all! If I can be quiet for awhile I think I will be okay.

My son Rob will be leaving me tomorrow. I hate to see him leave. He got to help me eat the fresh peas and lettuce and green onions.

Thank you so much, Kevin and my pastor Bro. John Conn, for bringing them to me. Rob and I sure enjoyed our visit, and the peas, lettuce and green onions were delicious when we had them for lunch, and there was more to eat later.

It was good meeting some of Rob’s high school friends, Liz Smith Simons and her mom Irene Smith, who was one of his teachers, and Rachel Wright and Melody Moore, who wrote for The Eagle a long time ago.

I hope I got all the names right, but we did enjoy talking with all of them.

May God bless all of you, and hello to Rose Ballard, and hope you are doing okay.

Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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