Whitesburg KY

Families gather for Fourth of July


We had a nice Fourth of July. Gregory and Missy Crovetti of Chicago came in with the children, Kay Amburgey came in from Lexington, so we had plenty of food and everyone had a nice day at the home of Carl and Marsha Banks.

Allen and Betty Sexton, Brandy and Kyle Smith all enjoyed a Fourth of July cookout at the home of his brother, Shane, Lisa and Megan Sexton on Sandlick, and reported a nice time.

There was a good turnout for the Gibson reunion at Cowan Community Center. Ron and Elsie Janice Walod came in from Maryland. It’s always good to see them. Janice is pretty special, she is my namesake.

Several enjoyed a nice supper with Georgia and Bobby Phillips while Cathy Lamont and Sarah came in for the Gibson reunion.

Yvonne Brown Sutphin of Lynchburg, Va., is visiting her sister, Linda Combs and other family and friends.

She enjoyed Shade Boggs’s 16th birthday gettogether on July 3.

Richard and Tammy Brown of Ice had a Fourth of July celebration, which was enjoyed by all who attended.

Happy birthdays to Richard Brown of Ice on July 12, and to Lisa Brown of Dry Fork and Sue Maggard of Jeremiah.

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