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Families gathered for Thanksgiving holiday


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. For some it may just be memories, but we all have much to be thankful for.

I spent Thanksgiving with Carl Bennett and Marsha Banks, along with several members of the Kincer family and friends.

We have had a lot of Thanksgivings together over the years with many good memories of the past.

I guess many were busy Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

We are sorry about the death of Mr. Don Lucas of Cowan. He had been in poor health for some time. He will be sadly missed by his family and friends. I haven’t heard about the arrangements for the funeral as yet.

Michael and Ramona, Forrester and Callie Finchum of Louisville visited her parents, Bennett and Linda Combs, for Thanksgiving.

About two weeks ago, Bennett’s brother, Watson Combs of Louisville, and sister, Elizabeth Looney of Ohio, came down to visit.

Arminta Ison Jenkins of Dallas, Tex., is in Naples, Fla., visiting her sister, Dana, and other family members.

Happy birthdays to Watson Combs and Lois Brown Sturgill of Ohio on Dec. 12. Lois is the daughter of the late George and Siller Brown of Cowan.

Belated birthday wishes to Mable Faye Bentley Carroll of Florida and Susie Day of Nicholasville.

Amanda Galer and Kyle visited her college friend in Colorado. Kyle wasn’t particularly impressed with the plane ride, but watched cartoons all the way. They had a good time and en- joyed being in the desert in short sleeves, and then playing in the snow.

Anna and Duane Yonts were glad to have their daughter, Amie, and her husband, Jeff, for the weekend.

Virginia Brown had most of her family for the usual large dinner. Stephen and Linda, Robert and Sherry and their families came from Tennessee.

Jason and Amanda, who are always busy, managed to get in four feasts that day.

Randy and Eula Mae had a lively weekend with their three grandsons and two other boys.

We have two new members to welcome to the clan.

Audrey Jean Stevenson is the newborn daughter of Renee and Shawn. Her siblings, Leah and Spencer, are thrilled with her. Spencer had prayed for a baby brother for most of the nine months, but doesn’t seem to mind that she’s a girl. He’s talked to her so much that she already recognizes his voice.

She is the granddaughter of Verna and Chester Rayburn, and the great-granddaughter of the late Bernard and Minnie Vae Banks.

The other is Leila (Si Fu) Stigers, the three-year-old daughter of Jenny and Steve. They stayed in China a few weeks then brought her home. She took right up with them, and they with her. Grandparents are Glennon and Thelma Ison, and the late Cassell and Beulah Caudill.

Elizabeth Fairchild spent Thanksgiving with her children who live away. I miss her when she is gone.

We are still very sorry about the death of Mr. Tom Gish. he and Mrs. Gish have been faithful to keep The Eagle flying for many years. He will be sadly missed in many ways.

Our sympathy to all his family. We miss our loved ones and our friends who are gone.

Many others were sad this Thanksgiving due to the loss of loved ones.

With love and best wishes to all.

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