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Families lose touch over the years

Southern Ohio

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This may be the shortest column you will ever read as my computer is going down on me.

Have you got your dinner planned for Thanksgiving? If so, set a place for one more as I may take you up on an invite! Actually I think I may visit Frisch’s this year, or just take a long country drive. I may change it to a nice long walk as my car is ready to retire for a while.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Bob Bryant and family in the loss of a sister. Bob and his wife make Harrison, Ohio their home though he is originally from Johnson Fork at Hot Spot or Premium.

My brother Richie Hall called to tell me that our cousin Yvonne Shepherd Neace died. There was so many mistakes in her obituary that Richie wasn’t sure if it was Yvonne, since no one has heard anything from her in a very long time. Yvonne was the daughter of Tena Hall Brown or whatever last name she had at her death. Yvonne’s dad was Lewis Shepherd and she had a half brother, Johnnie Shepherd, and a sister, Rosa Lee Brown Ballard of Florida, and Tony Shepherd. Yvonne was raised by our grandma Rosa Hall. Yvonne had three daughters that I haven’t seen since they were little.

I had another cousin, Marcella Young Green, that I loved like a big sister all the time of growing up. After she married Billy Green and moved to West Virginia and I left Kentucky we kept in touch for a few years then with raising our families we drifted apart. Marcella had been dead for quite some time before I knew it.

I have two cousins in the Cumberland area that I loved dearly as children, Gracie Lewis and Lorene Deal, that I haven’t seen in quite sometime. I loved these two so much as they used to come to Grandma Rosa Hall’s and we would get to be with each other.

Time slips away and you wonder where it has gone.

I finally caught up with my friends Ann and Johnny Calihan. The news I heard from Ann wasn’t good at all. Ann’s sister Evadean and her husband Laffe Marcum of West Virginia haven’t been doing well for some time. Evadean and Laffe decided to go on a little shopping trip to a local drugstore for a few items. As Evadean came out of the store somehow the shopping cart stated rolling and dragging Evadean with it. Evadean is in serious condition with a broken arm, a broken wrist, fractured pelvis bone and other injuries. Her husband was in the truck watching all this horror take place. Evadean and Laffe are in their 80s.

Laffe and Evadean are in different hospitals as he had to have some more treatments due to bladder cancer. All of us who have problems, the condition of these two makes me feel grateful I can still waddle.

My sweet friend Willamae Boggs is still in a mess as her bones aren’t strong and it seems every time she turns around she is falling. I am afraid she is going to be injured worse than she is. Her husband Carl Boggs hasn’t been feeling as perky as he should be either.

Even my sister-in-law Wanda Hall hasn’t been feeling too well. I don’t know where this woman has time to get sick.

Taking care of my friend’s mother is starting to tell a tale on me, as I am so tired I can’t hardly go. Then let me hear of music and some way I find the energy.

Vickie Power and I went to see a film of Appalachia. Clay Calihan and his wife were there also.

Vickie and I went to Flatland Bluegrass Barn but we missed Polly Ann Maucher, I called Polly and was sorry to hear she wasn’t feeling well. Polly went to the doctor so I hope she is on the mend.

Belated happy birthday to my granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham November 10. I gave her money in her birthday card and she wanted to know why I did that. I told her I didn’t know what to get her.

I will write more later as this computer is about to go.

Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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