Whitesburg KY

Families vacation at Outer Banks

Hot weather continues in our area and we could use some rain down our way. Some got rain on Saturday evening but not us, we got lots of thunder and lightning but no rain.

Lots of people are canning and freezing their gar- den produce. Seems more are gardening than ever before, and some are selling their bounty at the farmers market.

Nine of our family recently vacationed at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We had never stayed there before and some of us enjoyed the trip over to Ocracoke Island. It was a beautiful area.


Also, Loye and Brenda Caudill, Eddie, Michele and their children vacationed at Top Sail Island. It’s always nice for extended families to spend time together.

Brenda is recuperating now from a recent heart procedure. It was scheduled after they returned from vacation and we have all been praying that it helps her.

Learned at Dixon Memorial Church on Sunday that Dennis Ison, Big Jim Adams, Arthur Jent and others who were on the prayer list are having health problems. Hopefully they are better by this time.

Brad and James Collie fried up a batch of fish last week and served it to those who dropped by the farmers market. Lots of people stopped in to enjoy the fish dinner.

Ward Whitaker and his family also recently took a vacation to the Outer Banks, N.C .

Apparently we all love a trip to the beach! So many others have been on vacation, but I haven’t written in so long I have forgotten where folks have been.

The Rte. 7 Artisan Fellowship sponsored a pottery class at the Blackey Community Center. It was funded by the ARC grant we received through the Brushy Fork Institute. Everyone had a great time and many items were made. The instructor from Berea College also told us if we brought the items to the college they would fire them in the kiln.

Faye Martin and her daughter catered our “country” dinner that day, and everyone enjoyed the chicken and dumplings, corn on the cob, green beans, potatoes, slaw and other vegetables. And for dessert, blackberry cobbler, blueberry muffins or lemon pound cake.

The classes are always fun and productive and we hope someone will learn a new craft and go on to make money from making and selling their items.

Copperheads are crawling around now that it’s hot and Vicki Campbell’s horse was bitten and is recovering.

Bears are also closer than you think. Jerry and Bonita Adams saw one on Blair Branch at Burl Blair’s yard in broad daylight.

Be careful out there and have a good week.

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