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Mostly clear

Family all suffer from cancer

I hope all is well with everyone in Mountain Eagle land at this time.

I haven’t heard any news at the time of writing. I do know that it has been very hot and humid for us.

The news of all the bad things in our country and others is hard to think about. I just can’t understand why everyone can’t try to understand one another more than they do.

President Trump is doing a better job than any of the last presidents. People have just got their heads in a cave or hole somewhere.

They better let good alone than to try and get someone in there who will take us to the cleaners like the Clintons have. All they ever did was try to get more and more money for themselves. That was wrong. Dark clouds will fall over them one of these days, and it won’t feel so good.

Just think of all these priests molesting the little children in this church. That is the worst and most awful crime I can think of. If they can’t contain themselves, they need to be husbands of a good woman to live with them. They are not God’s sons like Jesus was. That was the way God wanted it to be and will always be that way.


My brother-in-law, Carl Edward Ingram, came to see us last Saturday. He has been awful sick. They haven’t really found out what is really wrong yet, even after doing exploratory surgery on him and all kinds of other tests.

But he is feeling some better right now. One doctor thinks he has diverticulitis maybe, so he is one a strict diet to see if that helps.

He has lost so much weight. He has been up to our other brother-in-law’s to see a nephew, Mack Allison Morgan, who is in bad shape and has been all summer, and has lost so much weight also.

He is having to go on treatment for cancer in his stomach and esophagus. They are giving him chemotherapy though a port they inserted in his shoulder and throat area. Please pray for them to recover from this.

His mother, Jewell Ann, passed away two years ago with cancer. She was my husband Claude’s younger sister and an angel on Earth. She was so precious, always smiling or helping anyone she could.

Claude’s mom, dad, sisters, all had cancer, and so did Claude. He had brain cancer and prostate cancer. All are gone now. It is so hard to give them up. They were so precious.

Two of Claude’s nieces passed away this spring, Dorothy and Irene. They lived in Florence and Ohio.

The Coy and Ida Cornett family had a big picnic up to the Kingdom Come Trail in June. They had a big crowd they said.

You know something? I got my feelings hurt over that. They didn’t let me know about it.

Coy was my dad’s first cousin and used to stay with us when I was a small child, and when Coy and Ida got married, my brother Jack and I went with them to an old preacher’s home at the mouth of Big Branch. He was an Ison.

There was a big snow on the ground and we rode my dad’s old A-Model car down Linefork Creek from Ingram’s Creek. It was in the ‘30s. The couple had stayed three nights at our home until they could get married. I had been sleeping with Ida and I loved her.

When we got back home and it got bedtime I had to give her up to sleep with Coy. Everyone laughed. I told him she was my bed buddy and that he couldn’t have her.

It was in the winter of 1936. I was seven years old, and Jack was five.

Coy always loved to stay with us a lot. His dad was a brother to my dad’s father (D.D. Cornett) and Samuel Cornett.

Back in those days, the roads on Linefork were bad, especially in the wintertime. Just one mud hole after another, and very narrow.

I used to love to come to my grandparents’ across Pine Mountain. ( It was scary, but we loved to come.) We lived at Lynch where Dad worked. He was a car dropper for Lynch Coal Co. We lived in the coal camp, then later moved to Blair. I started school from there.

My teacher was Dorothy Maggard and I loved her. Our school was a two-room where Blair Church is now.

Well I’m going to say hope all is well and stays that way. With love and best wishes to all.

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