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Family attends church for Easter

Hello everyone! How was your Easter? I hope it was wonderful and you attended the church of your choice and the little ones got a visit from the Easter bunny.

Easter Sunday I did something I haven’t done in quite some time. My daughter Angie and my 10-year-old sidekick Bennie Wiederhold and I all went to Harrison Nazarene Church.

The ceiling didn’t fall down as I walked through the door. Let me explain. It has been about 10 years since I’ve been there, plus this is the first time for me to be with three generations.

My heart was so full of pride and memories flooded my soul as I sat between my daughter and Ann Calihan in the pew.

My children grew up in the Harrison Nazarene Church under the supervision of Johnny and Calihan, as Angie was four years old when the children attended vacation Bible school.

My daughters were married at Harrison Nazarene Church also. When I started working on weekends I drifted away from going to church.

After church Angie, Bennie and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. I tried a small portion of chicken and dumplings, a mistake again. Oh well it was good to be with everyone. I must say it was a delight to see my little sidekick Bennie eat.

Where does the time go? I spent a few days in the mountains and I had a wonderful time. Friday night, I went to Campbell’s Branch Community Center to see Sunrise Ridge Band, and this was a surprise trip for me.

I talked to Wid Fields briefly. Thanks, Wid, for remembering my dad and sharing a couple of tales with me as it did my heart good to hear them.

There are times when I read Steve Stamper or Phyllis Caudill’s post, I remember their dad Hassel Stamper, Jim Short, and my dad.

Hassel and Jim along with Boyd Caudill were Letcher County deputy sheriffs I think. All I ever knew them by was the law. Dad knew them quite well.

I never remember such a thing as police brutally back in those days. You got arrested for being drunk, taken to jail, paid a fine and got out, and it happened again and again.

Now that is some childhood memories that aren’t fun to look back on but it was just a way of life.

Thank God my mom filled my heart and brain with so many memories of her youth that has helped me endure everything and I can smile to this day through tears, and keep on enjoying life.

Saturday night at Carcassonne Community Square Dance, I danced three or four square dances, a slow dance, and a fast dance.

Thanks to the guys who asked me to dance including Randy, the square dance caller. I never messed up the dance at all. I got out of breath a little if, but I die while I am dancing you will know I died happy

For all of you in the mountains who take the beauty of nature for granted, please take time to really enjoy the redbud trees and the dogwoods when they start to bloom. Don’t just look, take time to feel. Combined with the luscious new green of the trees being reborn this time of year.

It is beautiful where I live as I look across the hayfield, yet there’s something special about the mountains I call home

Before I forget it, I owe an apology to a beautiful young woman, as somehow I decided to give her a new name! Megan Caudill, it was a pleasure to meet you.

In my last column I really didn’t emphasize how much I enjoyed the short trip with Mike and Marcia Caudill from Blackey to Campbell’s Branch Community Center.

Southern Ohio

Marcia saw the wild creases blooming by the roadside. Marcia didn’t realize that her simple words brought so many memories that tears welled in my eyes for a few minutes.

Mommy and Grandma would be out picking creases and poke sallet as fast as they started coming up. I also recall a few other wild greens like lamb quarters, crow’s feet, and platinum and speckled dock, just to name a few. Of course Mom and Grandma had to have a mess of fried poke as quick as it was big enough to fry.

Who remembers dryland fish as they were called at our house? Mushrooms or morels.

The older I get the more I appreciate the simple ways of my upbringing.

Mike and Marcia live in a gorgeous home, but when I am with them I don’t feel beneath them as I have with some people. They have been wonderful to me from the first time I met them.

I have mentioned before how much time and effort Mike and Marcia put in to make Carcassonne Community Center a success. I failed to mention they have some good back-up help also. I enjoy the time that I spend with Marcia to help in preparation of getting things together.

I am not a leader, I am a follower, and I will do as I am asked and go above and beyond to help. I am not afraid of hard work no matter what it is!

If I was at the center and Mike needed help, I would be there helping him also as I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. As I said I am not afraid of hard work.

I have finally got acquainted with my new lawn mower. I bought a different type as I had trouble reaching the clutch to change gears in the one I purchased before.

This one is a hydro static, which means I don’t have to change gears. It has been a hands-on learning process for me as I didn’t have enough patience to wait for someone to help me learn how to operate it.

I found out how to hook the battery cables up by looking at the old mower. I couldn’t find how to engage the blades to cut, so I called Vicki Power who told me which lever to push.

At least I made someone named Les laugh at me, as I called my lawn mower automatic.

Les and Pat Wagner, along with Becky and Polly Hasty and little Rebecca, all spent several days at their home in the mountains.

Les and Pat arrived there late Friday afternoon but as neither one of us knew the other was there we missed each other.

Les sent me a message saying Pat and his sister Becky was about to work him to death. I just said, “poor baby,” as I wouldn’t show him any sympathy.

For you see, I have a reason. As quickly as tomatoes are ripe Les will be posting pictures of his tomatoes that he is eating as he knows I can’t eat them.

Yes I love Les and Pat very much. I also love to pick on Les and oops, he does me, too.

Friday night, Vicki Power and I went to the Coon Hunters Club on the outskirts of Hamilton. Mike Estes and Alphine Stacy joined us later. Evan Lanier & The Bluegrass Express was the featured band, and as usual they did a great job.

I am still beating myself up for missing Tony Hale & Black Water Band. Tony’s band is great. This time they just happened to have one of the best musicians sit in with them as Marvin Davis played the fiddle for the band that evening.

Saturday evening, Vicki Power and I ventured to North College Hill Coffee shop to listen to Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers.

Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers will be performing at Coon Hunters at 200 Warwick in Hamilton, on May 5.

Oma Hatton, I know you had a wonderful Easter as all your family has rallied around you.

I failed to mention in my last column that Oma is bursting with pride as one of her grandsons has become a preacher, and Oma got to attend his first sermon.

I am so proud that I’ve become close friends with this precious woman.

My daughter Kay Gray, her husband Clarence Gray, along with friends Jeff and Lisa Wissel all enjoyed a week in Dominican Republic. This was Jeff and Lisa’s first trip there, but Clarence and Kay have been there a few times before

Kay tried something called ziplining for the second time, but she had to get off, as she couldn’t finish. I have no desire for this socalled thrill.

Hillbilly Days will be at Pikeville this coming weekend. Oh the memories this annual event stirs up in me. Clayton and I took my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall to this event two different times.

Last year I planned to go, but that’s when my plans were cut short when I almost flipped my car over the embankment on Johnson Fork.

I will say one thing, that I love the scenery on the back roads of Johnson Fork.

I better hurry, as pretty soon I will be to old to cut the mustard, as the song goes.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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