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Family Christmas lasted 3 days

Northeast Ohio

Howdy and hope your Christmas was all you wished it to be and hope the coming new year will be your best ever.

We had our family Christmas get-together on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I had food, but not a traditional holiday dinner. We fed 16 on Saturday, eight on Sunday, and 17 on Monday. On Tuesday, we called Bill and Redia to stop by and help clean up leftovers.

We exchanged gifts and I got my Holiday Barbie. I have one for every year since they first came out in 1989. I also received a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy nutcrackers, which I have no intention of using for that purpose. They are made of wood and just precious. I also got a Snuggie, P.J.’s, a puzzle book, and some small items. Red and I together got several gift certificates to one of our favorite restaurants. Goody, goody. Now I have a good excuse to not cook. It’s not that I mind cooking, it’s trying to figure out just what to fix for the two of us.

I wish to thank everyone for the many beautiful Christmas cards we have received, some of which contained some precious photos.

Today a florist delivery truck pulled in the driveway bringing a beautiful poinsettia and a delicious looking fruit basket from a very special young woman whom we have unofficially adopted as our daughter. Thank you so very much, Liz Gobolich, we love you.

Jeanie called from Louisville said all were well except Phil seems to be having some health problems. Hope he’s feeling better. They were getting ready for a very special Christmas, the first with their grandson, Carson Adams, and of course his parents, Calvin and Mary, will also be there. Nothing like having little ones around for the holidays.

Four of our family haven’t been by yet. David probably won’t be here till about New Year’s and as of yesterday Steven was still on the road. Not sure when he will be home, but he, Lisa and Joshua always come to visit us.

Thank you, Kathy Hofmann, Erlanger. I talked with Clara and she is so pleased and thankful you were able to spend some time with her after her surgery. What a loving, caring sister you are.

Red’s sister Jean Hunsucker, Eolia, spent a few days in Whitesburg Hospital. She called when she got home and said she was doing well. His niece Carleta Adams also called. She is having some back problems but was busy getting ready for the holiday. Charles calls pretty often. Every time the phone rings Red is sure Charles is calling.

Just received some sad news, my cousin Denver Profitt called from Romulus, Mich., to tell me that his sister, Versa M., who lived in or around Covington, had died. She was the last of the five girls. Now all that are left are Denver and the youngest boy Darrell, who lives on Camp Branch.

It really hurts me when I hear of one of my relatives who have gone on their last journey and I can really sympathize with their families having lost my Dad, Mom, sisters Ethel and Sarah Belle, all aunts and uncles in Dad’s family and all but two in Mom’s family plus nieces, nephews and cousins. The very worst was the loss of our youngest son, Bobby Nathaniel. The holidays are especially bad. There’s an empty place at the table and a hole in the heart that just won’t heal.

I have a lemon cake in the oven and does it ever smell good! This will be my first attempt as I just recently received the recipe from Clara Pfister, Clarkston, Mich. Why not stop by for a sampling?

Loretta Adams, I really hope things are going better for you and your family. How is your son? I’m praying that he is in no pain and will soon be feeling better.

We’ve had a fairly decent day, no snow but plenty of cold winds. Oh well, it’s winter.

Hello to Billy Elkins and family and all the others in their group. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you will have a great new year. I really missed y’all in May, maybe in 2011. If you have never met these people you don’t now what you are missing. They are so nice and friendly and I just love them all.

To Pam Walker and all the staff at The Mountain
hope your Christmas was a most happy one and that the new year will be a healthy, happy and prosperous one.

Must go, to all a good night, a fantastic week and a peaceful heart. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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