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Family expected for Thanksgiving dinner

Northeast Ohio

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a great day with family, friends and lots of good vittles, turkey, ham and everything that goes with both meats. We will be having company. Red’s brother and sister-in-law, Charles and Delores, should be here Tuesday and stay till Friday. Just hope the weather won’t get too cold and snowy. Billy Wayne and Redia will also have dinner with us, in fact Redia is helping me with dinner. Yep! I’ve gotten to the stage when I need help.

It’s been cold, rainy and windy here today. I took some letters to the box and it felt like ice mixed with the rain.

Bill and Redia just left. She had made a cheesecake pie and brought some for us. I had fixed a beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and homemade biscuits (only kind we have), so I traded them supper for dessert.

I got my Mountain Eagle for the week of Nov. 14 and found I was missing. I don’t know what happened. I will check with Catharine to see if somehow it didn’t get sent in on time. Or maybe it just wasn’t newsy enough to get printed. That’s the most likely answer.

Congratulations to the cross country teams of Jenkins Middle School and especially to niece, Hillary Brashears. Hillary is the granddaughter of my sister, Anna Goins. Good work, keep it up!

I just talked to dear friend, Gaynell Fields in Columbus Ind. It is always so good to hear from friends. She, her husband, Jim, her daughter Regina and some other members of her family are planning a trip to Letcher County for Thanksgiving. Just hope they have a safe trip and good traveling weather. She was telling me her sister, Belve (Rose) Mullins, has been having chemotherapy and when finished with this will have to have 26 radiation treatments. Please remember her in your prayers. Not only her, but everyone who is ailing, in nursing homes or just having a tough time just coping with life in general.

I got Sarah Belle’s quilt finished and ready to either deliver in person or by mail. I will put another one in hoops but may not get much done on it till after the ‘big bird’ day. Then again, I may have to work on it to calm down. I really don’t get too agitated at any time, I just enjoy quilting. I call it my ‘therapy’.

I talked to Jeanie and she sounded so much better. It makes me feel better about her. She said she had talked to Sarah Belle and had invited her down for Thanksgiving. I hope she decides to go. It’s about a two-hour drive between their homes.

Richard, Georgia and their family have decided not to go to Nashville this year. It will be the first Thanksgiving they haven’t gone in several years.

Happy birthday to our greatgranddaughter, Anna Marie, on Nov. 26.

How many have finished their Christmas shopping? Not me. I’m one of those who finish up with about a week to spare. Bill and Redia have most of theirs done. They usually get an early start, something I always plan to do but never seem to make it.

Red had one of his ‘not so good’ days. He got up this morning but had to go back to bed. He has felt some better this evening. I’m still having some sinus problems but hopefully will be all better soon.

A big howdy to our good friends, Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. Hope the two of you are well and wishing for you a great Thanksgiving Day. We are still enjoying the CD’s, should have them memorized by now. We never tire of listening to them.

I better say so long till next time. If Catharine isn’t too tired, she will stop by after work to pick my news up. If she had a busy evening, she will pick it up tomorrow (Friday). She still likes being a waitress and I’m sure she’s a good one; she also likes working at Perkins.

Y’all have a great weekend, don’t overeat but do have a pleasant Thanksgiving, sharing love and peace with loved ones.

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