Whitesburg KY

Family, friends attend baptism

Northeast Ohio

A beautiful sunny day here in Lorain, just a tad on the warm side.

I’m just thankful it isn’t in the high 90s or 100 or more. I do hope this finds everyone well and enjoying life.

Red has been having some really rough days but I’m making it, nothing to brag about. Oh well, everything will be all right sooner or later.

I really had a glorious weekend, especially Sunday, July 8. I was baptized at Pleasant View Church by Brother Larry Newsome, moderator of the church, and by Jerry Caskey, moderator of Little Edna Church where I am now a member. It was such a special day as so many of our family and friends were present.

Friday, Red’s brother Charles and his wife Delores came from Jenkins. Saturday, two of Red’s nieces, Lena Stallard of Pound, Va., and Carleta Adams of Eolia came in. But the biggest surprise of all was Saturday afternoon when I answered a knock on the door and standing there was my sister Jeanie from Louisville, and her daughter Christy from Indiana.

I had called Jeanie but would not ask her to be here because I knew she had dialysis on Monday, and was sure it would be too much for her. What a special surprise, and I’m still not sure how I’m going to deal with all the families around here; all knew except Red and me. They sure know how to keep a secret.

I guess I’ll just love them and thank them for making the day more special.

Jeanie and Christy spent the night at a motel, attended church, were there for the baptism, ate lunch and then left for Louisville. Besides the out-of-state visitors attending were Billy Wayne, Richard and Georgia, Debbie with two of hers, Cassie and Kristen, Rick and the twins, Brandon and Bailee, Jettie and so many others.

Right now I can’t remember all their names, so I will just say to everyone, “Thank you for being there and know I love you.”

I have also received several beautiful cards and precious phone calls, two last evening, one from Sister Mint Gilman in Lakeville. She and her husband Raymond used to live here and we have been longtime friends.

And almost the first friends we made here were the late Buford Edwards and his beautiful wife Gaynell. At that time they had three small children, Jennifer, Donny and Regina, who now have children and some grandchildren of their own.

It doesn’t seem possible, then I remember that we have 13 greats and one great-great. I was 45 when the first of our five grandchildren was born.

Everything is so beautiful now. Our Rose of Sharon is loaded with the prettiest color blossoms and we have seen so many yellow and white butterflies flittering here and there. For several years we very seldom saw butterflies.

Evening time fireflies are everywhere. It reminds me of back home when we would catch them and put them in jars, but eventually they were turned loose.

Hello to all my dear friends. I had planned to get some letters written but things sometimes happen that seem more important. Soon!

Sometimes Catharine gets off early if business is slow and I had better get this finished. Have a fantastic week, stay well, be happy, love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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