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Family, friends gather for 80th birthday celebration

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, y’all, hope this finds everyone in good health and having a great summer. Do hope your Fourth of July plans went as planned. No rain to spoil cookouts, picnic or families just getting to celebrate. Did everyone have their hot dogs and watermelon? Growing up I don’t think we even knew hot dogs were something to eat, more like the old hound dog looking for some place to get out of the hot sun. Our dad, Sam Sergent, just had to get a big watermelon. To him (the rest of us also) it wasn’t the Fourth without one.

I missed a few birthdays, brother Ronald Buford’s daughter Roxanne on July 3, her son Jeremiah on June 26, Ronald’s son Scott on July 15 and Scott’s daughter Brittany on July 1. Sorry and wish each of you the best of birthday wishes.

We had a really great weekend. Richard, Georgia, a little two-year-old boy they sit with, Luis, and I went to Clyde, Ohio for an 80th birthday celebration for Ben or as I have always known him, Junior Taylor, born and raised in Letcher County. His mom was our mom’s aunt. He lost his wife, Avie Ison, about seven years ago and we had only seen him twice since and that was at the Letcher County picnic. We got to meet several members of his family: son Larry, his wife Diana and their daughter Selena; son Tim, his wife Joyce and grandson Ben; daughter and sonin law, Glenna and Dale Stout, their son Kelly and his daughter Madison. I believe they have another son, Michael, who was unable to attend but his son Bryan and his fiancée, Venadette Hunter and her children Seth and Desaray were there. Also got to see Madge Sergent (Avie’s twin), her son and daughter-in-law, Billy and Judy, their daughters Missy with children Brittany and Kevina and Melanie with son Christopher. Two nieces from Indiana, Sharon and Linda Carol, were there with Geoff, Tonya, Zachary, Sean, Makayla and Conner. Also there were friends Lloyd and Thelma Craig, Ruth Bennett, Helen Wagner, Phillip Clapp, Jeanetter Hanson, Charles, Orrin Van Ness, Tammy Nearhood and son Ryan, Carl and Bernadine Riegel, Marv and Lucy Diller, Betty and Martin Will and Larry and Karen Forman. I’m sure I missed some and know some names are misspelled and for that I apologize.

We had a delicious luncheon and wonderful and beautiful cakes with ice cream. Bernadine Reigel and Joyce Taylor did a fantastic job baking and decorating the cakes of which there were about six.

We really enjoyed the day even though I could hardly hear. I got up that morning and the sounds in my right ear were like a mechanical person talking but I could not understand the words. I went to the doctor and I had fluid in my ear. I got a shot in the you-know-where and a prescription for 10 days’ antibiotics. Do you suppose the doctor just didn’t want to tell me my brain is turning into mush and is liquefying? No wonder I make so many boo boos.

Red and I went to Little Edna Church. It was their Union meeting. There were four visiting preachers, one from Illinois, two from Michigan and I’m not sure where the other was from. I was so pleased and surprised when the group from Little Ida Church in Ecorse, Mich., walked in. It just happened to be two former schoolmates from Stuart Robinson, Ralph and Leona Caudill, along with daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, Brenda, Billy and Amy Elizabeth Miller. Ralph and Billy both preached. It was so good to see Ralph and Leona again. I hadn’t seen them in several years but do get to see the Millers once or twice a year.

Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Vineyard Quillen who died June 30. He lived in the Deane area, Letcher County. I think he was the last surviving son of the late Seland and Lizzie Quillen. Three girls are still living, sister-in-law Jettie Sergent, her twin, Nettie Beckett and their older sister Mabel Duncil.

You’ve heard the old saying “Pride goeth before a fall,” well here I was feeling so proud of myself, was beginning to just about catch up on my letter writing, then my achy head and ear took me down a notch or two. Ain’t that the way it goes? I’m still hearing mechanical sounds but can now make out what is being said. I will be so glad when everything is all clear again.

Well I’m sure ’nuff gonna have watermelon tomorrow. Red got one today and it’s in the fridge gittin’ cold. When we were growing up we didn’t care if they were warm from the patch.

Bill and Redia just left, it is so frustrating to have to ask everyone to repeat what they say. I can hear but not like usual.

‘Bout time for Catharine so I’d better finish soon. Just want to say “Howdy” to Oma Hatton, Gladys Smith, Rose Ballard and there are so many others I would like to mention but time and space won’t allow. Just know that I think of all often. Shirley Sizemore, I hope you are doing well, got a beautiful card today from your dear sister. I’ve just got to meet that girl and I hope it’s soon.

Are all your Sergents and Engles ready for the picnic? Will remind everyone one more time before August 10.

Till next time have a safe, happy week and love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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