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Family gathered for Christmas Eve

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

I have been sick since Thanksgiving, plus couldn’t get into the holiday spirit for some reason. A bad combination.

As I’ve said before, I am a clutter bug. I clean for others, I am a good house cleaner. Mine is a different story.

I waited to the last minute to try getting ready for Christmas.

Christmas Eve I had to work. I planned to come straight home to finish getting things in order and to start getting things ready for supper, as everyone was coming at 5 p.m.

Lo and behold plans can go astray, as my son Keith called me, asking me to do something important. Then before I could do that task, Keith called me again saying the truck he was driving had broken down, so I had to go get him, and then do the errand he asked me to do in the first place. There it was three o’clock and I was supposed to have everyone at my house at five, my granddaughter Jennifer, her two kids, Sami and T.J. plus Jennifer’s friend Mike, my granddaughter Jodi and her husband Carl, Anna, Scott, Sarah, Jessica, Katelyn, and Kyle, Angie and Bennie, and Keith.

I fixed chicken and dumplings, fried potatoes and green beans for supper. Angie made a huge container of pretzel salad, and we had two cheese balls and chips and dip.

Anna brought a fruit tray and little bunt cakes for dessert. Scott told Anna that was the best chicken and dumplings he had ever eaten.

After everyone was finished eating, presents were opened much to Bennie’s disappointment, as he still wanted more to open.

Thanks to my kids and grandkids for the presents. Jodi gave me a white sweatshirt that she put the slogan, ‘The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go’ on the front.

This is the first time that three of my kids have been together at Christmastime in several years. Kay and Clarence spent Christmas at their home in Destin, Fla.

Saturday before Christmas, Bennie and I went on an adventure to Rising Sun, Ind. We started out first at a train display that was really something to observe, as everything was wonderful to watch.

After spending time at the train display Bennie wanted to go across the street to an antique shop, where he found an old Pepsi bottle. I had to smile to myself, as he held the Pepsi bottle, saying he couldn’t believe he had a piece of history.

Rising Star Casino had beautiful decorations, inside and out. There were seven reindeer in the parking lot to greet you. Bennie really enjoyed that very much.

There was so much in the lobby of the casino, Santa was there for the children.

There’s a ferry next to Rising Star Casino, so we took a ride across the river and back as Bennie has never been on a ferryboat.

Afterwards we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home. I was worn to a frazzle when I finally made it home.

Bernice Grubb posted a portion of Campbell’s Branch/Linefork Community Center. There’s a musician, Borduis Adkins, who is a great musician, I must say he sure is a good dancer too, as he leaves the band to dance for a little while, he is a very good dancer, as his feet seems to float across he floor.

If I were there I would have to join him for a few steps. I think it is wonderful to see this happening.

He brings back so many memories as my youngest daughter Anna Nottingham used to dance when she was young. She had so much rhythm and her feet just seemed to glide.

Anna seems to be recovering alright from her heart attack. She has been having quite a bit of severe headaches. I am still worried about her.

My daughter Angie is having so much trouble with her foot that she can hardly walk. She couldn’t find a pulse in her leg, when she went to the doctor, the same thing as the doctor couldn’t find a pulse either, now she has to go to a specialist.

Johnny and Ann Calihan had Christmas dinner with the family. Their granddaughter Ashley had to miss out with being with the family, as the preemie twins still can’t be with crowds.

Once again I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner. It seems the day is gone and I still haven’t accomplished what I need to do.

I am sorry this column is short. At the present time I am not feeling up to par.

Until next time.

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