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Family hopes to be together soon


Well, I finally had to go do the grocery shopping, or trading as we always called it, because my husband returned to work. You talk about uncomfortable. The mask I was wearing was so uncomfortable and hard to breathe through. By the time I got through the grocery store, maybe 45 minutes, I was so happy to be able to take that mask off. Now think for awhile at just how uncomfortable it has to be for all our essential workers to wear them the whole time they are on the job.

People, if you care anything at all about your family and other people, just wear a mask. I don’t understand why some are making such a big deal about it. Is it because they think someone is trying to control them or tell them what they can or cannot do? I know some people that feel that way about a seat belt. So, maybe that’s it. You think maybe they don’t think about all the things in our lives that are controlled by laws that exist? No man is an island, people. Everything we do affects someone else in someway.

It is so good to hear that some things are going to be opening back up, but I’m not sure I want to be one of the first guinea pigs. We have a precious Mommy that we are protecting with everything in us.

Speaking of which, we were having a conversation about how we hadn’t been able to get together with all our family since the middle of March. I mentioned that Mother’s Day was coming up this Sunday and we weren’t supposed to get together for that either because of the COVID-19. She just squenched up her nose and whispered, “Couldn’t we just sneak and do it anyway?”

There were many birthdays mentioned on Facebook this past week. Sandra Sexton Wilson and Christine Bolling both had birthdays on April the 28th. Tally Damron had a birthday on the 29th. Kathy Carter Kilbourne and Kerrigan Bolling both had birthdays on the 30th. Valerie Bentley Sexton Fugate celebrated on the 1st of May. Sara Baker had a birthday on the 2nd and Caitlin Collier, Dorothy Holbrook Lucas, and Mary Sandlin Baker all celebrated theirs on the 4th of May.

Congratulations to my nephew, Blake Mason. He has finished his Master’s in Education. He is planning on continuing his education to get his Rank 1. We might have broke out of quarantine and celebrated with them and his parents, Charlene and Rick Mason. It surely did feel good, however we didn’t hug or get in each other’s space. I can’t wait till we can do this as a whole group.

One of our friends from way back to when we were attending the Young People’s Meeting at Millstone Missionary Baptist, Bernadine Gibson Blair, is requesting a very special prayer request for her daughter-in-law, Angela Blair. Angela has had brain cancer and is now having reoccurring problems. Bernadine posted that she will have an appointment at Duke on Thursday of this week. The oncology team there will determine the best course of action of treatment. She and her husband Josh Blair have two daughters and they all desire your prayers.

Also, one of Lisa Bates and Lee Bates Adams’s cousins, Chris Caudill, had to have a procedure done at UK. He had a mass in his stomach that ruptured and caused severe pain. They removed the mass along with part of his small intestine. Now the pathology reports are what we are asked to pray about.

Please remember the family of Clarence Carter. This is Kathy Carter Kilbourne and Lisa Carter Hampton’s Dad. Also remember all the others that have lost loved ones, especially our pastor, Bill Jones, and his whole family.

Hopefully, it won’t be much longer before we can get together as a church family inside the church building. Until then, watch the services if you can online. Some are having drive-in services where they will stay in their vehicle in the parking lots. Just hang in there, one way or another we will be meeting again.

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