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Family meets at campground


Hello everyone –

I hope all had a good week and weekend. I have noticed that a lot of people are getting out more and they’re wearing masks. Masks are good.

I want to wish a belated happy birthday greeting to Duane Yonts of Little Cowan. His birthday was on July 12, 2020.

I want to wish a belated happy birthday greeting to my nephew, Curtis Ware of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His birthday was on July 12, 2020.

Last week, Mike, John and I played Catan. It was good to be back in that routine. Mike won two games and John won one. It was normal play.

The three of us did go to the Indian Mountain Flea Market near Wise, Virginia on Wednesday. I was glad to see there weren’t as many people out and there were more masks than usual. I bought a couple books for the week.

John had a 3½-foot black snake on his porch. I don’t think it was the same one we had.

I was so glad to see that the Jenny Lea Academy reopened. I went in for a pedicure, which was so nice. I wore a mask and the students all wore masks. Gabby Tackett is the young lady who took care of me and she did a great job.

Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church has been having its church services outside. They are sitting six feet apart.

Mike and I spent the weekend camping at Deer Creek State Park in Mount Sterling, Ohio. We met our son Brad and his wife Becky there. It was the first time we had seen them since Christmas. It was so good to see them as we had missed them. We did a lot of talking and catching up. Brad and Becky are camping one or two weekends a month. Another son, Mark, and his wife Heather came out for a few hours. The coronavirus has kept us from traveling and visiting the sons.

While camping we drove out to the Deer Creek Lake. It’s a pretty lake. We found the beach signs and wanted to look at it. The parking lot for the beach was full and the beach itself was full. We didn’t get out of the truck but we saw it. The beachgoers didn’t seem to be social distancing even with the hot temperatures.

The campground was full. Apparently more people are camping this year since they can stay in a secluded area. Campgrounds prefer campers to have self-contained camping units. We didn’t have self-contained campers but the restrooms were never busy. I feel like we were safe all weekend.

We’ll probably meet Brad and Becky at another campground in another month.

While camping, Mike was sitting in a chair trying to stay in the shade. Suddenly the chair leg slipped into a hole, causing him to go backwards. He was lying there with his legs up in the air and the chair was collapsed around him. We all just stared. Then Brad and I got up to help. I pulled the chair out from under him and Brad helped Mike up. He was fine and we all laughed. For some reason, no one took a picture of Mike on the ground. This is something that never happens to Mike but it made a camping story.

Mike made bacon and eggs for breakfast Saturday morning. Saturday evening I went to move the griddle so I could get the picnic table ready for dinner. I didn’t realize that the griddle still had a full grease holder. I thought it had been emptied. I ended up with grease all over my favorite Capris and a new shirt. It was not my best moment while camping but it made for a camping story.

Doris Caudill of Cowan and Karen Day of Cowan went to Somerset over the weekend. They met up with cousins, Joe and Gina Sharpe of Wilimington, Ohio. Joe and Gina’s daughter and son-in-law, Heather and Tyler Jones, were there with their sons also. Joe is the son of the late Barbara Banks Sharpe, the grandson of the late Jack Banks, and the great-grandson of late Charlie and Thelma Gibson Banks. It’s always good to connect with family.

I am glad that I don’t have school age children at this time. Parents are having to make a hard decision regarding what to do with their children’s education. Send them to school or keep them home, that is a decision that I’m glad I don’t have to make.

This week’s quote is attributed to Hans Selye: “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.”

Have a wonderful week.

Stay positive and healthy.

If you have any news, please email me at cowannews@aol.com.

Thank you.

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