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Mostly clear

Family members welcome to visit

Northeast Ohio

A beautiful day here in Lorain, but we did have a spurt of rain sometime during the night. And it gets so cool nights, I have to get up before getting-up time to turn on the furnace so the house will be warm. It’s supposed to get really hot the next few days. That’s okay by me.

Hope this finds everyone well and having a great summer. Red and I are still upright and to us that’s a blessing. Oh, we do have some complaints, but who wants to listen? Right now he’s down for a nap and guess who is getting ready for one.

Our company left Saturday, and I sure wish they could have stayed longer. Mae was really good company for Red. They had too much to talk about, old times and old friends.

That Lena was a dynamo, cooking, cleaning, shopping, doing laundry and putting it away. I sure hope she doesn’t feel as though she was being taken advantage of.

I hope they will honor us with another visit sometime in the not too distant future. Fact is, we would welcome any family member with open arms. Would love to visit them, but I guess that isn’t going to happen.

Red has talked to several of his family and I have talked to all of mine. Everyone seems to be doing fairly well, some better than others. Guess we all have days that are better than others.

You’ll never guess what I’m getting ready to do, so I’ll tell you. I’m going to have a garage sale, a special one, a garage sale to get rid of all left over garage sale stuff. Just a few better items.

I have an easy chair for my weary bones and it’s a self-serve event and also a cheap one. Wish me luck! Not trying to get rich, just need to clean house while I can.

We have new neighbors who moved in next door and already he has used his Weed-eater and cut around everything that needed it.

Then Catharine came up and mowed both lawns and I’m here to tell you, around our house is looking good.

Today the neighbors brought over a quart of homemade applebutter. Can’t wait to sample it but it’s too close to suppertime.

Finally getting three or four letters in the mail each day. Finally found one of the addresses something or someone misplaced. Still searching for the other one.

I just put a cake in oven! I’m addicted to desserts. I don’t know why I can’t seem to gain some weight. I really need to, as I am a real life Skinny Minnie nowadays.

Jettie called and she is really doing well. Keeps herself pretty busy, which I’m sure helps a lot. I think she is going to Amish Country with Richard and Georgia soon.

They asked me to ride along, but I just don’t think I could make the trip and I will not leave Red alone for any length of time as he is having vision trouble right now and should he fall or get hurt I could never forgive myself.

Just in case I forgot June birthdays and anniversaries, I will send along best wishes, a great day and many more of both to: Larry C. Adams, the 9th; Georgia Sergent, the 6th; Timothy Matthew Sturgill, the 17th (Carleta’s grandson); Thelma (Campbell) Watts’ great-granddaughter, the 21st; Vanessa (Shortt) Welch, the 26th and our great-grandson Christopher MacAtee, the 28th.

Anniversaries are Vanessa Ann (Shortt) and Bill Welch the 25th and Dannie and Betty Wells the 13th.

To Alvania Shepherd, I hope you had a wonderful day on June 2.

I have run out of steam and it’s time to stop before I make a big mess of everything.

Wishing all a most happy and peaceful week. See you next week, Lord willing. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com

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