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Family of found driver’s license located


Hello everyone – I hope you had a good week. The weekend was kinda cool but this week is going to be great. Summer is over and we’re officially in autumn. The seasons are going quickly even though 2020 is going slow.

I have always enjoyed reading Everett Vanover’s columns in The Mountain Eagle. He could tell a story about his military life and I could visualize every aspect. It was sad to hear of his passing. Everett Vanover will be missed by all of his followers and family.

Several weeks ago (couple months) my cousin Kathy LaMonte of Clinton, Miss., was in. She brought a book to me that she had found at the mission store in Eolia. It was a book of old hymns. Inside of the book was a driver’s license issued in 1934. I mentioned this find in my column as Kathy and I wanted the man’s family to have the license. I received an email from a man wanting to talk to me. I called him and left a message, and he returned the call. It was Paul Fleming of Jenkins. The man’s name on the driver’s license was Kermit Hayes and Kermit Hayes was the great-uncle of Paul Fleming’s wife. On Monday, September 21, Paul Fleming and his wife came over to get the book and license. It was so nice meeting them and talking with them.

I gave them the wrong direction when they crossed the bridge so they went down Sigrest Drive. They said they saw a big buck and a doe. Mrs. Fleming thought they were statues at first. We do have a lot of deer that hang out in that field.

Paul Fleming is a distant cousin of Everett Vanover. I am so glad to have met the Flemings.

My daughter-in-law, Heather Wenning of Monroe, Ohio, is in medical school. She has completed two years and is currently waiting to hear where she is going for her first clinicals. She is expecting to go to New Jersey. Her clinical rotations will be from six to twelve weeks depending on what she is studying at the time. Mike and I are very proud of her as she is following her dream. Heather is thinking about specializing in oncology. She is married to our son Mark.

Lee and Bea Farmer of Ogden, Kansas, were in for a few days. They visited their daughter Gemma Bentley of Premium. They had a good visit even though it was short.

John Campbell fixed dinner for several people one evening. It was delicious as he made a roast and steak. Those attending this dinner were: Gemma Bentley, Steve Bentley, Shyanne Bentley, Lee Farmer, Bea Farmer, Mike and I. It was an enjoyable evening. Thank you, John, for hosting a nice evening.

Mike, John, and I are back to playing three games of Catan on most nights. It’s a fun game that we all enjoy. The three of us took a drive up Town Hill one afternoon. It was starting to look a lot like fall up there.

I did go to the eye doctor this past week. My appointment was at ten o’clock. It was 10:30 before I was seen. There had been an emergency and they were running behind. It was 12:30 when I got back to the truck. Mike had sat out there waiting for two and half hours. My eyes were dilated so he had to go with me. I go to the University of Pikeville Eye Clinic and I do get a thorough exam on my visits.

Ella Caudill, Juanita Caudill, Janet Napier, and Libby Honeycutt took a trip to Hilton Head. They stayed for a week. They did a lot of nature walking while there. The weather was good for their trip. The Fields sisters always have a good time when they are together. They did wear their masks and social distance when they went out and about. It’s always good to travel with family.

Get well/ feel better wishes are being sent to Jenny Brown, Carla Charles, and Ken Conley.

This week’s quote is: One small positive thought in the morning can make a positive difference to the way you live today.

If you have any news, please send it to Cowan- News@aol.com. Thank you.

Have a wonderful week. Stay healthy and safe.

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