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Family pleased with help of sheriff ’s dept.

To the Editor:

To all the good citizens of Whitesburg: We were brought here on family issues with our brother, Robert Ferrell, who was a victim of elder abuse, and we had to get law enforcement and the court involved.

We, Roy Ferrell, Mattie Sarro, Sam Minton and Rita Stone, siblings of Robert Ferrell, have never experienced such a caring and devoted law enforcement system that gets right to the source of the problem to get the job done and treats you like family of their own.

Where we live, you’re just not treated with this kind of respect. We’ve traveled all over and never saw a sheriff ’s department with these great qualities.

Do you citizens of Whitesburg know how blessed by our Lord you are to have this great team to serve and protect you?

Oh, and thank you, Eugene Slone, for never being too busy with lunch, breakfast, etc., to help.

If you, the citizens of Whitesburg think you’re not blessed, then come to our state for a week. You’ll be changing your mind in a hurry.

So, to Sheriff Webb, Eugene Slone, Bert Slone, Barry Engle, LaShawna Frazier and all other staff members, may God bless and protect you as you are protecting others.

Thank you all for a job well done.


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