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Family suffers from stomach bug

Hello everyone. I hope each and every one of you had a great week.

I had every intention to write last week, but came down with a migraine.

Mom mentioned that my Great-Aunt Lois Blair bought a paper just to read my little piece and I hadn’t written. So once again, sorry, Lois. I’m writing this week. Love you!

Things have been going pretty well for Michael, the boys and me lately. I’m almost afraid to say it, as I may jinx us, but we’ve avoided all the sickness that has been going around, thank God.

My sister Missy Fields’s family hasn’t been so lucky. Every one of them except her middle daughter Tonya had a horrible stomach bug. I hate that any of them were sick, but especially Deidra and Sammy Gibson’s daughter Kylee as she is so young.

Roger Whitaker was in the hospital at Pikeville again recently. His port for dialysis wasn’t working, but thankfully they were able to get it lined back out and he is home now. He has been doing a little better and is walking on the treadmill for a minute or so at a time. Keep up the good work, Rod, you will be back in action in no time. We are praying for you!

Jamie Collins requested prayers for Jake Halcomb last week. He had feeling really weak. I miss getting to see him and Wilma here on the ‘holler.’ Blair Branch

Mom and Dad, Allen and Sylvania Whitaker, attended church services at Bull Creek Old Regular Baptist Church Jan. 22. The boys and I went to their house after church for our usual Sunday family gettogether.

Mom wasn’t feeling well. She hasn’t been able to sleep, and has been smothering real bad again and having a lot of pain her back and ribs. She was afraid she might have pneumonia again.

The doctor has her on medication, but it isn’t helping. I’ve been trying to get her to go to back to the doctor, and she did finally say she would go if she doesn’t rest any better.

My boys were super excited to see the family’s baby goats. I believe I heard my nephew, Austin Whitaker, say there were nine babies in all. I can’t blame the boys. I love babies of any kind as well.

Speaking of babies, I kept my great-nephew and great-niece, Hayden and Alissa Jent, last week. They are two of the sweetest kids around, and you couldn’t have asked for them to be better behaved.

I only kept them a few hours as their mom, Jessica, had a dentist appointment, but I loved every minute of it. You forget what it is like to have kids that little running around the house.

My niece Tonya Fields’s 17th birthday was on Saturday, Jan. 21, but due to Missy having to work that day, we celebrated with cake and ice cream at Mom and Dad’s house last Sunday. Happy birthday, my beautiful girl! I love you.

Bull Creek Old Regular Baptist Church had services at Letcher Manor Nursing Home on Sunday. Dad, along with Opal and David Jent, attended. Opal said that both Minnie Blair and Mary Helen Blair came out for the services and that both are doing pretty well right now.

I am glad to hear that my nephew Gardner Allen Jent’s grandfather-in-law is doing better. He is off of the vent and his family hopes he will get to move closer to home soon. He has had a rough time lately and is proof that God works miracles.

My friend requested I mention that there will be a community-wide Sundaynight singing at Emmanuel Baptist in Jenkins on Jan. 29 at 6:30 pm. If an individual, choir, or ensemble from the churches in Jenkins would like to sing, please call Bro. Jeff or Lesley Foster at 606- 335-5235 or 606-832-4501.

Revelation Ranch will be holding a benefit auction at the old Whitesburg High School on Saturday, March 10, from 7 to 9 pm. All proceeds will benefit “Phase 1” of the new Revelation Ranch property, and there will be refreshments offered by Revelation 22 Drama Team. They are currently accepting items to auction, so please call 606-233-3674 to make arrangements for drop off. No clothing, please. Mark your calendars and plan to attend a really fun evening!

Margo and Mani Venkateswaran celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on Jan. 19 and Heather and Frank Phillips celebrated their anniversary Jan. 21. Happy anniversary to each of you. I hope you have many more love-filled years together.

Stuart Hensley celebrated his birthday on Jan. 18; my beautiful niece Tonya Fields celebrated her 17th birthday on Jan. 21; Dakota Combs, Larry Blair, and Tanner Blair, Jan. 22; Rulah Whitaker will celebrate on Jan. 25; and Erica Blair, Jan. 31.

Happy birthday to each of you! I hope your special day is with all the love and laughter in the world!

I’d also like to send out a very belated birthday wishes, to my brother Wade Whitaker, who celebrated on Dec. 30. With the holiday rush, I always manage to skip writing when it is time to say happy birthday to him. So, happy birthday, Bub.

If I have left anyone or anything out, just let me know and I will be glad you get you next time. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week. If you would like to contact me, feel free to give me a call or you may email me at alanacouch@hotmail.com.

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