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Family visited on Memorial Day

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

We are having beautiful weather, maybe with a few rain showers. That’s O.K.

I was excited that I was going to see some of my grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. They were coming in for Memorial Day. I don’t get to see them often, Dr. Kevin Hatton and wife Adrienne and their sons Will and Loren, and Matt Hill and wife Rocki and daughter Elise and son Daniel. They all live in Lexington and also my son Rob in Owensboro. He has been digging out of a tornado and flood. I think it’s pretty well all gone. He needs a rest!

Rose Ballard, I heard you had a birthday on May 27. They didn’t tell me how old you were. I’m sure you are old enough to vote if there’s anyone you want to vote for. Also, my good friend Carfa Niece and his grandson Jeremy Adams had birthdays. Happy birthday to all of you.

I enjoyed going to the graduation of my greatgrandson Larry Kevin Day at Letcher County Central High School in Whitesburg. It was a big graduation and we are all so proud of all of them.

My sister Kathleen Brock needs everyone’s prayers. She has a lot of serious health problems.

I’m sorry I missed two visits from my good friend Dorthy Tacket. She caught me gone. I told her to please let me know and I’d sure be home. I really don’t go much and usually don’t stay long, mostly a short grocery store visit just to get out.


I went to the funeral of Milos Bare. There were so many good things said about her. She was that kind of persons. She and her daughter Mildred were so good to my sister Kathleen, who lived nearby.

I saw Mildred at the graduation with some friends of hers, Patty Shepherd for one. They are real good friends.

I’ve missed seeing Juanita Profitt at Senior Citizens. I’m going to call her and see how she’s doing.

I appreciate Judy and Bennie Dent in Michigan sending me a beautiful sympathy card. I’ve known them since they were children living here. It’s nice of people not to forget you when they move away.

Glenda Eldridge, I promise I will answer your letter. I hope you are doing O.K.

There has been so much going on here, a lot of sickness in my family and losing my sister Louise Shepherd. It hit the family hard.

I haven’t heard from Iva Lee (Absher) Cheatham in a while. She’s promised to send me some old pictures from Marlowe. I guess she’s having trouble rounding them up. I hope she’s doing well in Stanford.

There was a lot of traveling on the highways Memorial weekend. I hope they were careful and safe. I’ll always remember the Memorial Day in year 2000 when my brother Eddie Howard died at the cemetery of our parents, instantly. We always think of that and we still miss him terribly. He was a great brother!

My son Rob and I had a great weekend with all of Rob’s family, his son Dr. Kevin Hatton and wife Adrienne and their two sons Will and Loren, and his daughter Rocki and husband Matt Hill and their children Elise and Daniel. At the cemetery we met all of the Trent families and I was so glad to see them all. They all come for Memorial Day. They knew all that was going on from The Mountain Eagle.

I saw Bob Caudill, who used to work with my brother Eddie at Hoover’s Furniture in Whitesburg, and I also saw Steve Brewer, who was one of my husband Clyde’s hunting buddies. It was good seeing him. I’ve known him for many years.

At the walking track at Pine Mountain Grill, it was good seeing Doug Profitt. I’ve known him about all his life. He still looks great and hasn’t changed much. He’s been living in Ashland for a long time. He lived up the road from me for a long time. I don’t know why anyone ever left here. Maybe on account of jobs taking them. There just weren’t enough jobs when the coal left us.

I appreciate my sister Joanne Brown in Indiana, who calls me often. So many people just use Facebook and we don’t hear much from them.

I’m sure you are tired reading all this. May God bless all of you and if you are able, try to be in church somewhere.

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