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Family works together to clear out storage unit


Hello everyone – I hope you have enjoyed the first week of autumn. We’re on the last day of September and it’s been feeling like fall. There’s so much to do before the ‘official’ holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s) is here. Just remember to enjoy each day.

We have a new great-nephew. Lucas Robert Wenning arrived on Friday, September 26, 2020. He weighed 9 pounds and 2 ounces and was 21 inches long. The proud parents are Matt and Christy Wenning of Centerville, OH. The grandparents are Kevin and Tina Wenning of Coldwater, OH. Lucas is the first Wenning great-grandson to carry the Wenning name.

Feel better wishes are being sent out to Jenny Brown, Mark Miles, Janis Marr, Carla Charles, and Jeff Daniels. There are probably more in need of positive thoughts.

Last week I nearly needed ‘feel better wishes’. I had my hands and arms full as I was walking from the vehicle to the house. When I got to the porch, I didn’t make the step. I fell hard. I started yelling, “It hurts, it hurts.” Mike came running. He was going to help me up but I told him not yet as I thought I was really hurt. I was able to move my right arm and shoulder, then my right knee, and finally my left knee. Then I asked Mike for help to get up. My left knee was not happy and it took a few days before my knee quit complaining. This was not the first time I have fallen. Before I had my right knee replaced, I fell a few times. The leg and knee wouldn’t cooperate on steps. I probably need the other knee replaced but it doesn’t hurt, so I’m going to wait. Anyway, after being sore for a couple days I am fine.

The hay was cut and it looks so much better. Every time it gets cut, I think I’ll sit on my aunt’s porch and watch the cutting. I haven’t done that yet but maybe I will someday.

I have enjoyed looking at the photos from past Mountain Heritage Festivals. They were great. I saw a photo that had my mom (Emma Lou Campbell) in it. I love that photo. Thanks to Connie Hall Fields for posting the photos on social media.

We had a busy weekend. On Friday, John Campbell, Mike, and I drove six hours to West Milton, OH. There we picked up the biggest U-Haul truck available. Our son, Greg, met us and we went directly to a storage unit. The storage unit was full of our Ohio belongings. There was a little bit belonging to Greg but most of it belonged to us. We got to the storage unit about four o’clock. Mike, John, and Greg started unloading the storage unit and putting stuff in the truck. Another son, Brad, and his wife showed up after work. The U-Haul was loaded by seven o’clock and we were so glad we didn’t wait until Saturday morning to load the truck. We also had a trailer loaded with furniture. We all went back to Greg’s apartment for pizza and then bed. On Saturday morning, Mike, John, Greg, Brad, Mark, and I went out for breakfast. Then John started back to Kentucky with the U-Haul and Greg followed him. The rest of us went to Brad’s storage unit and got things he had bought and stored for us. We ended up being an hour behind John and Greg but we all got home to Kentucky safe and sound. Around four o’clock on Saturday, Mike, John, and Greg started unloading the U-Haul and putting it in our building. They were all exhausted when the unpacking was over. I do appreciate all of the help from John, Greg, Mark, Brad, and Mike. We now have all of our ‘stuff ’ in Kentucky.

Susan, Waldo, and Joe Stamper of Lexington came in for a few days. They have a nice place on Little Cowan.

Debbie and Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg came in for a few days. Jeff ’s birthday was over the weekend and he was surprised with a visit from his children and grandchildren: Molly Vice of Nashville, Tenn.; Ben, Hazelee, Caroline, and Owen Vice of London; and Ellen and Ryan White of West Liberty. Jeff enjoyed time with his family.

Debbie, Jeff, Mike, and I had dinner at the Sazon Mexican Restaurant on Sunday evening. it was good spending time together.

John, Greg, Mike and I had lunch at Pine Mountain Grill on Sunday. I saw several people I knew there: Pam Caudill and her family; Patsy Adams; Earlene Williams; my cousin Rachel and Chris Fields. I’m sure I left some off this list as I’m relying on memory. It was good seeing everyone.

Mike and I stopped at the Red River Gorge rest area on the way home from Ohio. As I was walking I saw a car with a Wyoming license plate. I asked the lady if she was from Wyoming (it could have been a rental car), and she was from Cheyenne, Wy. We talked for a few moments. Her husband was from around Slade and is buried there. She drives in a couple times a year to change flowers on his grave, she talks to him and she cries. Then she goes home. It was a nice chat with this woman. She was starting her trip back to Wyoming.

I want to send special happy birthday wishes to three cousins. They all turned 60 this year, Doris Ison and Donna Watts on September 22, and Joe Yonts on September 23. I hope they all had a great celebration.

The birthdays for October are listed: October 2 – Helen Roberts; October 3 – Tom Ison; October 7 – Renee Hostetter; October 9 – Dean Fields, Brian Fields; October 10 – Renee Sturgill Boyer; October 14 – Mike Wenning; October 15 – Joanna Halcomb Brewer, David Baker; October 17 – Thelma Ison, Alissa Stamper; October 18 – Jessica Cole Pease; October 19 – Tucker Marr; October 21 – John Rayburn; October 24 – Amber Lee Surber; October 28 – Colette Wenning; October 30 – Karen Fields; October 31 – Mark Wenning.

Happy anniversary to Brad and Becky Wenning of New Paris, OH on October 8.

Happy anniversary to Susan and Tony Ware of Lexington on October 15.

This week’s quote is attributed to Albert Camus: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Please send any news to cowannews@aol.com. Thanks.

Have a wonderful week with the cooler weather.

Stay healthy and safe.

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