Whitesburg KY

Fans begin brawling at high school game


Police were reviewing video after a brawl broke out in Mayfield during the Calloway County- Fulton County high school football game in western Kentucky.

Fulton County Sheriff ‘s Deputy John Amberg told KYTN Radio in Union City, Tenn., that the brawl erupted with four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter on Oct. 2.

Amberg said some fans from both schools came onto the field after players began fighting.

Kentucky State Police were called to help restore order and athletic officials called the game.

Amberg said Calloway County school officials requested a police escort for their team bus.

Fulton County High School’s basketball team was involved in a brawl in January during a game with Fulton City High.

Police arrested three people after more than 50 fans ran onto the court in January. None of those arrested were students.

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