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Fans enjoy Wildcat win over Florida

Greeting from my home to yours. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.

How about the Wildcats? I have enjoyed most of the games during the season but this last win over Florida was such a joy!

My brother Coolie and his wife Janice, their daughters and sons-in-law were in Atlanta this weekend and I know my brother was on top of the world. He loves the Cats so much and I am so glad he was there. I can’t wait for the NCAA.

Heard from my cousin, Genoma Diamond Downs from Indiana, and they are having so much flooding in and around Shoals and Washington. Most of my Aunt Sarah and my Uncle Dewey’s families live in that area. I hope it gets better soon.

Brandon Jent, a student at the University of Kentucky, was in Chicago this weekend with the Men’s Choir. He said they had a good trip but very tiring. He is home now for spring break. I know his mom Regina, his sisters and his mamma Maxine will enjoy having him home for a few days. Colson

Maxine Quillen and Joanne Hall went to Renfrow Valley this weekend. The girls went on the bus with Seals Tours, and you know Tootie makes sure they all have a good time. There were about 44 on the trip. Of course Maxine missed the bus once and had to lose a sweater, but in all everything worked out.

Our great-granddaughter Rylee Elizabeth Holbrook celebrated her fourth birthday Saturday with a party. Her great-grandpa and grandma, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook, were down for the party. She told me she wanted a dog, but they have three already so no, I’m not getting her a dog. I will be going to Richmond for a few days.

Our grandson, Ethan Carson Isaacs has a birthday, his eighth on Sunday, and will be baptized at Red House Church on Sunday. I so look forward to being there. I thank God for my children and all my grands.

Our prayers are with Freda McFall, Robbie Baker, Imogene Sexton, Kyle Branham, and all who are sick and hurting.

Our sympathy to the family of Dauphus Day. He was a brother to Doyle Day and Delois Day.

Happy birthday to Pete and Josie Bates Slone. Pete’s was on the 6th and Josie’s on the 7th. They live near Love’s Branch.

I visited with Faye Anderson for awhile this weekend and always enjoy talking to her. Her grandson Kyle had to miss a few days of school but is better now. He is growing up too fast as it seems like no time ago he was a toddler.

The Historical Society met and it was so good to see so many in attendance. We saw the drawing of the museum for the Monument Park, and also the drawing for the life-sized statue of the giant, Martin Van Buren Bates.

I am so excited that our project is coming along, and can’t wait for the site preparation to begin. If you haven’t made your donation yet, I’m hoping you will very soon so we can get to work on a few things we need in order to be on track. Pavers are $100 each and can be purchased from the society. Any donation no matter how small is so much appreciated.

Our newsletter will be going to the printer this week so if you haven’t paid your dues for this year, please send them in so you won’t miss out on this issue. You can pay your dues at the library in Whitesburg or mail it in.

Thank you for all the calls I have received because of no news in the past few weeks. My computer was on the blink and I finally got it working again. It was nice to know some folks missed the news from Colson and Deane.

The seniors are practicing their cheerleading for the senior games, and I know they will represent our county with a smile and lots of pep. Good luck, girls.

Oh, we are sold out of a couple of our pictorials, but they are being reprinted and will be available soon. We are so proud of the pictorials and they bring us so much enjoyment. It’s hard to believe that we have 12 volumes!

May God bless each and every one until we meet again.

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