Whitesburg KY

Fashionable to reward for failure

To the Editor:

Kentucky Power Company absolutely deserves that big raise they want. Don’t you know that it’s fashionable to reward worthless people for failure?

Congress and Senate gave themselves 17 raises, while giving us none. (I refer to the minimum wage staying at $5.15 for so long.)

All the while they got us into two wars and bankrupted the government while running us trillions of dollars into debt (maybe even bazillions, I don’t know).

The CEOs of all the giant companies like Chrysler, G.M., Leahman Brothers, etc., got millions in bonuses to break their companies and rob the investors.

Bernie Madoff shouldn’t go to jail because he ‘made off’ with everyone’s money, but he broke one golden rule, ‘Never rob rich people.’ They’ll come after you.

We poor people can’t do much, like now when our power company is robbing us. I wonder how much they contribute to the election fund of the Governor, Hal Rogers, and other politicians?

I think everyone should send the power company an extra $50 or $100 with their power bill this time since coal miners are doing so well.

We need to show our appreciation for such poor service.

It costs money to build dams (whoops! the taxpayers paid for them) and power plants (didn’t taxpayers subsidize them too?).

Anyway, I don’t know of any being built in decades. It’s been that long since they’ve cut brush off of the power lines too.

The power line to my house is 85 years old. A lineman showed me how it’s very thin copper and full of stress cracks you can feel with your fingernail.

It’s almost worn in two from years of movement against the insulators. The cross arms are old, rotted wood, and the poles are too far apart. One little tree limb takes out several spans of wire.

Upgrades include the new steel core, aluminum wire, steel cross arms, etc. I spend fall in the Montana- Idaho area where they get 30 feet of snow in winters, but don’t have power outages. I asked why.

Some lines are underground, wire is heavier, poles are closer, and in wooded areas, they just use longer poles to keep the wire above the treetops.

The main thing they have that we don’t have is intelligent planning.

A few years ago we had 16 power failures in one year, so I bought a generator and put in gas auxiliary heat.

I just found out you can’t store gas, even with Sta-Bil. I had to go get fresh gas.

I drained the gas from my boat (only about three months old) and it didn’t run well. I mixed it with fresh gas and it ran okay.

I’m checking out the feasibility of switching it over to propane.

It doesn’t go bad, and the propane guy at Seco has a monstrous storage tank and isn’t going to run out.

I made a formal complaint to the Public Service Commission a few years ago. They called me, but that’s about all.

I wonder what they do, except draw their paycheck.

My daughter and I were all packed and headed for the desert around Moab, Utah, four-wheeling.

The snow hit and my wife wouldn’t let us go until the power came back on a week later.

Two days out and two days back didn’t leave enough time to be worth the trip. My wife absolutely refuses to carry gasoline or chop firewood. I couldn’t go back to Charleston because my pipes might freeze here, but my daughter did.

Anyone want to buy a good house at Millstone?


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