Whitesburg KY

Father, son celebrate birthdays

Tony Little and his son Jonathan celebrated their 40th and 11th birthdays on Dec. 24 at the Fugate Skating Rink in Hazard. It was a large party with family and many friends of each. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, especially when they tried to blow out the trick candles.

Linda Lucas had a good December. She spent some time in North Carolina with her daughter Beth and Keith Callahan, Katie and Kenzie. She then came back to Tennessee for Christmas with her son Jonathan, Melinda and boys. She got to attend the school Christmas parties of Aiden and Mason. They are both doing well in school and she is very proud of them. She also attended church with them where Aiden had a part in their Christmas program. Beth and her family also came up for Christmas. Cowan

Carol Caudill enjoyed Christmas Eve with her daughter Jill and granddaughters Cara and Becca in Wise, and Christmas Day with Robert and Sherry Brown, Jack, Bradley and Joseph in Tennessee.

Virginia Brown and Randy and Eula Brown had family visiting during the Christmas holiday, Kevin and Kim Garrett, Cody, Corey and Cameron, Jason and Amanda Brown and Eli, Stephen and Linda Brown, Andrea, Makennah and Chance, Brittany Braedon and London, Robert and Sherry Brown, Jacob, Bradley and Joseph. They had a big Christmas dinner and celebration on Christmas Eve. There were phone calls and flowers from Joe and Linda in Mississippi.

Kathy LaMonte with her granddaughter Emma and great-niece Gracie of Mississippi ended 2011 and began 2012 on Cowan. It is always so good to see them. Sarah has grown up and was too busy with her first job to come this time. She plans to come in the spring. We hope Shirley will be able to come then too. She is still having some difficulty in her recovery from surgery and a broken leg.

Mike and Martha Wenning of Ohio were also here for New Year’s. It was good to see her at church Sunday.

James Tipton of Indiana visited his cousins on Cowan. He is the son of Jonola, sister of the late Orpha Day and Opal Froste. He always comes to church when he’s here and we’re always glad to see him.

We were so happy to see Orville Collier in church Sunday. His health has been keeping him away and we really miss him. We appreciate his family for bringing him.

We have to feel optimistic about the coming year as we had such a wonderful beginning to the new year. It was spent in prayer and rejoicing, hand in hand with our brothers and sisters in the church. A very moving experience.

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